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A New Hat For DD #1


DD #1 has taken to wearing knit hats lately, both indoors and out.  I thought a new one for her would be just the thing to get rid of some scraps of yarn I had laying around.  Besides, I had just finished knitting those knee socks for DD#2.   We wouldn't want DD#1 to feel left out.  I made the hat a little long, but she can always turn up the brim if she prefers.


Her favorite thing in the world is reading.  So in exchange for a wonderful foot massage that she gave me yesterday, we took a little trip to Borders tonight.  I put the finishing touches on the hat while she searched for new books.  Then we had a little photo shoot.  Actually, DD#1 just sat and read Manga as I hopped around her with the camera.

I bought Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon for her.  It's been years since I read it.  I know it's the type of book she will love, I just can't remember if there are any parts that are a too racy for a 7th grader.   If you've read it lately, I'd love your opinion. 


Yarn:  Leftovers of Nature Wool & Paton's Classic Wool
Needles:  US Size 7, 2 circs.
Pattern:  I made it up as I went along
Started November 6, Finished November 7


I got another wonderful surprise from my Sockret Pal today.  Some tasty treats and a nifty mug from Harry & David.  Thank you once again Sockret Pal.  I can't wait to find out who you are so that I may thank you personally.


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Great looking hat. I know I've read the book, but can't for the life of me remember anything about it, so sorry no help from me on that front.

'Nother great knit appears on Through the Loops! You are one knitting machine over there in NJ! Super-cute hat...how about *I* become DD #3? ;o)

And I've *got* to get myself one of those secret pals!!

That hat came out terrific . . . I love those colors together. I agree, DD#1 needed a hand-knit too LOL. How great that she's a big reader - I always have a soft spot in my heart for kids that like to read. I've never read Mists of Avalon, but I do know it was one of my best friend's favorite books.

Great hat! I love how that colors turned out. :)

That looks like a perfect cozy reading hat!!! Great colors!

Nice hat. The colors are great and it fits her really well.

Your daughters hat is adorable. I love the colors!!! Where is the pattern from??

What a great little batch of trests from your sockret pal....very nice!!

great hat! and i re-read the Mists of Avalon abot 2 years ago and don't remember anything to riské... other than a lot of plottong on he part of Morgaine

Great looking hat you made for your daughter. She looks so cute in it. I love Harry & David! Yummy stuff you got there.

Awesome hat. Love the colors. Your DDs are very lucky to have you knitting for them!

I don't recall anything unsuitable in Mists of Avalon - but, it's been a while...

The hat is cool - perfect style and colours. (I just love your knitting and have added you to my sidebar list).

Oh, and thanks for your good luck wishes - 1 more week to go! x

Wow, those colors make me want to start festing the fall, cooking and knitting and stuff.
"Mists of Avalon" - doesn't Morgaine have some sort of Solstice Ritual with the Stag god (do I remember that being Arthur?)? Fly Agaric mushrooms, candle light and er … um … You might skim it for the good parts.

hi there - great hat!! Mists of Avalon has some sex-related content (see Spinneret's message), but I don't think it's graphic - I like those books as well - there's another one too... something about lady of the lake or something. :)

Well, now I want to re-read Mists. It's been a long time.

I started reading MZB at about that age. Mists is one of the few that I haven't yet read though, so I'm not any help on that.

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