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Where Knitters Go When They Die


I'm not sure what I liked best, the fiber, the knitters or all of the fabulous handknits everyone was wearing!  This was my first trip to New York Sheep and Wool, and it was amazing!  I must admit that I was having so much fun, I often forgot to take photos.  I met so many nice bloggers and I didn't take pictures of any of them!   Well maybe one, but I was lucky enough to meet her twice, and she is just so cool! 


I did meet Karen (and Pea), Elizabeth, Devorah (and all of the Squids), Isela, Margene, Monica, Cara,  and many more.  There were a few that I missed who I would have loved to have met, Carole and Bev among them.  And then there was the one I saw but was too shy to approach.  I will tell you her wedding shawl was exquisite!   I was only able to stay at the meet up for 10 minutes or so.  My mom was with my sister and I.  We didn't want to keep her waiting. That was okay though, because of the fun my mom, sister and I had. It's been years since we've all done something like this together, and we all share a love of fiber.  Hopefully we will make this an annual trip.

The picture at the top of this post was the first, and only for many hours.  I took it by sticking my arm out the window and clicking as I turned the corner.  It's a pretty bad photo, but I like it anyway.  It's got an in-the-moment-don't-worry-about-the-composition quality to it.

Blogger Bingo was so much fun.  Everyone was running around asking each other's names and blogs.  I think it really helped to break the ice and get people talking to each other.  Of course maybe we didn't need the ice broken.  Because with knitters there is no ice.  The evidence of that was quite apparent in the endless line at the Fold.  Everyone was so happy and busy chatting with each other, we didn't even care about the length of the line.  I did manage to pick up some goodies at the Fold.


Yes, that is 7 skeins.  I kept going in for more! 

I also took the plunge and bought my first drop spindle and some roving.  I spent yesterday trying to teach myself to spin.  Anyone know of a good spinning teacher in Northern or Central New Jersey, or Manhattan?


Of course there were the animals.  If I could I would get an alpaca.   Just look at that face!


Now I can't wait until next year. . .


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I love that first photo. Lucky you! You got to meet Team Squid. You got a very pretty drop spindle. I can't wait to see how spinning goes for you. Yes, I'm trying to avoid joining that cult. *L*

I wish we'd had the chance to meet. It's too bad we didn't bump into each other.

I see you got lots of lovely Sock That Rock yarn!I love that stuff.Sorry I didn't see you at Rhinebeck.Something came up and I just couldn't make it this year.Maybe next year.Looks like you had a blast!

Great pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

Wow! I'm pretty jealous of all that STR you scored. Oy. And your spindle is quite pretty. My own spinning experience is limited to a little bit I did this past summer. It's fun. I think you'll like it!

It was great to meet you! Glad you had such a wonderful time.

Oh how I long to visit one of the big festivals sometime... *sigh*

It sounds like a grand time! All that STR - wow! And your spindle is gorgeous!

I'm afraid I don't know any spinning teachers in your area, but I'll ask my inside source if she knows... And a hint, I'm sure you've read Margene's beginning spinning adventures, but try as many different wools/rovings/top etc. as you'll find one to be a real good match with your particular spindle and the beginning skills.

Wow - quite the haul!! That spindle is pretty, and all the STR....jealous!

Wow-I got the same spindle you did-did you get it as part of the kit they were selling? I live in Central NJ as well-if you hear of any spinning teachers could you let me know as well? Thanks!

I was too shy to go up to Stephanie too. Everyone really. I was wishing I had signed up for the blogger bingo to break the ice. Glad to see you had a great time! I can't wait for next year already.

Wow, so Amy HAS finished her Moebius Vest, how I envy her. Mine is still half done. The spindle is beautiful, I would be pleased to have it just lying around with some roving, just for decoration. (I don't spin - yet) ;o)

What a beautiful spindle! I'm so glad I got to meet you this weekend!

I love that first photo, too. And humanuhhumanuh...I need an alpaca!

dude, you got a goldig spindle!? woooow. very nice, veeeerrrry nice! i've heard a lot of really good things about that spindle, and i'm sure you'll really enjoy spinning. i think there's a pamphlet or something online from interweave that explains some of the technique. having someone show you would be best, but if you can learn from reading, there are a lot of resources online. i'm no expert at spinning, but i've managed to figure it out. :)
and look at that STR haul! no shame in that, really. no shame at all! i approve all of your color choices :) hehe. that must've been crazy! i saw pictures of the line for that booth. CRAZY!
and you saw the wedding shawl in person!? wow. THAT must've really been something, huh?
sounds like you had a great time with your mom and sister. :) cool!

Wow, so much fun! And so much fiber! I love that Waterlilies STR colorway!

And I can't seem to stop using exclamation points about all this Rhinebeck goodness!

We got the same spindle! Very cool. I loooove mine. ;)

I love your first pic - we got lost along the way. My friend and I both shrieked with the joy of knitters about to be surrounded by way too much fiber when we saw that sign. ;)

We went Sunday, but after reading about all the fun that folks had on Saturday, I thinking that we'll definitely have to go on a Sat next year.

I love your re-cap post - it's like being there all over again!! How many days until Rhinebeck 2007. LOL You did really well at The Fold. Did people ask why you were standing in such a long line and if they were giving the yarn away for free? We got that a lot - they couldn't understand why we would stand in such a long line "just for sock yarn". Oooh, they don't know what they're missing!!!

That was an awesome weekend. Glad to see you managed to meet some fellow bloggers, take some cool photos, and to get some fibery additions.

I don't know where in northern NJ you are - but I learned at the Spinnery, in Neshanic Station (near Readington).

Love the spindle, it's really beautiful. Good luck with learning to spin, and the yarn you got is, of course, to die for.

Wow, didn't get to meet you afterall. But it was really fun $350 dollars fun!

Wow! It looks like you had a great time and came home with a great haul. I love the spindle — I've never used one, but I love the way yours looks. I was incredibly envious of your socks that rock stash. Every colorway is beautiful, I can't wait to see how they knit up.

wahoo :) way to start with a gorgeous golding spindle :D

Rhinebeck was so much fun- can't wait to go back next year! Sure would have loved to have taken some of those adorable four legged creatures home(:

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