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Socktoberfest Guest Blogger DD#1 on Finishing a Sock





Frequently my mother finishes beautiful handknit socks.  They are all very colorful.  As soon as she is finished with the last stitch, we hurry outside and she has my sister or me model them.  This however is only the beginning of a very long process, through which the socks go to become official handknit socks.  After the modeling, they stay on the model, and are worn throughout the rest of the day.  They go through some pretty hard drills in that time.  We begin with the absolutely mandatory sliding around on the wood floors.  The softer the sock, the better.  Then the sock might be taken on it's first trip to the supermarket or some similar outing.  In this exercise it becomes familiar with some of our local shoes.  After returning home, they will most likely go through a vigorous routine of various dances.  Including but not limited to, ballet and hip hop.  There is usually a little yoga thrown in as well.  They are worn during homework.  At this time they get stretched and pulled and are often found hanging from a toe.  By the end of the day they are strewn haphazardly across the floor, waiting for their first washing.   They are sometimes worn to bed by my sister, and kicked off during the night.  The next morning they may be worn under big hairy pink slipper boots, and found in the kitchen looking for breakfast.

I hope this has given you some insight into the hardships that our socks go through.  Have a happy Socktober, and goodbye.


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Those tiny stripes are really cute. Those socks deserve all that love.

Sounds like real socks worn by real kids! What fun.

No sock could ask for a better 1st day!!

Great socks! And I love how the socks get to go through so much on their first day. For some reason, I like to wait before I start wearing my socks.

Wonderful! Is every day after that as taxing on the socks?

I love this guest blog post. I had my sister post about her handknit socks on my blog once...I think sometimes we knitters need to get the Muggles' perspectives on our precious knitted things.

I think I need to get me some Chucks. They are for sure the best shoes for the handknit socks. Hands down.

ah, i miss autumn - the golden leaves, the pumpkins plucked fresh from a local pumpkin patch)...just not quite the same in Hawaii as it was in Oregon...

wow, those are some great shoes! and sock testing is definitely mandatory. definitely! the moonwalk is a personal favorite, and i confess: britney spears is great sock-dancing music. such a dork, i am. ;)

better a loved and worn pair of socks than a pristine pair laying lonesome in the dark. :)

great job on your guest post, DD#1!

DD1, What an entertaining story. You painted such a vivid picture of the socks. In the end I had feelings for the "little things" and wanted to give them comfort after their rigorous day. well done!

I do have the coolest and most talented nieces ever :)

Great post!

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