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Apparently there is knitting happening at Riverdale High!

(Click on images for a better look)


Don't worry about Veronica. Betty, the knitter, explains it all to her in the end!


It sounds like she's knitting for Dulaan. I wonder if Betty has a blog.


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Thanks for the laugh!

That's a great comic. I also thought it was pretty cool that knitters read the first couple of panes with no problem at all.....what secret code? :)

I also find it cool that the author of the comic actually did research. If you think about the pattern, it makes sense - K, inc, and k2. Next row has five stitches - just as it should be!

very cool, I loved Archie comics when I was small, thanks for the trip down memory lane.

i never understood this comic. like, why is he dating the two of them at once, one in plain view of the other? and how can betty & veronica be friends if they're competing for the same guy? i don't get it. how can it be okay!? interesting how images of our culture project mixed messages all the time...

Tap, tap. Wink.

winning the tv the day before a blackout was a really weird juxtaposition of events, i agree. ;)

That is awesome! I will admit that I loved Archie comics when I was a kid...even though they're totally silly.

Very cute! Thanks for the laugh!

I remember an issue years and years ago where Veronica got jealous that Betty was knitting Archie a sweater and was determined to do the same, and went out and bought (acrylic) yarn and worked hard at the sweater and started weeping about how the poor little Orlons lost their fur . . . until Archie (or was it Betty) started laughing at her for thinking orlon was an animal and not a synthetic . . .

Hmm . . . obviously V's memory isn't as long as mine is, or she would have recognized the "code!"

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