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More Sockret Pal Swag!

I got this in the mail today from my Sockret Pal.  I can't wait to find out who she is.  She is so generous!  There has been a constant flow of wonderful goodies ever since Sockret Pal started.


It's a gorgeous knitting bag and matching pouch for my notions.  I love the colors, the feel of the fabric, the handle, all of it.  Thank you Sockret Pal!

While I was outside taking photos of the lovely gifts above, I took a walk around the garden.  The amount of work that needs to be done out there is staggering.  Knitting has taken a lot of time from my gardening - my prior obsession, before I picked up the needles again.  Some plants are rather tenacious though, and have thrived, despite my neglect.



Above is a tricyrtis hirta or "toadlily".  Toadlilys are amazing plants, they have beautiful, exotic looking flowers, they bloom in early October, and are really easy to grow.  The plant pictured is absolutely covered with these stunning flowers.  I live in USDA zone 6, and I have these planted in a location where they only get morning sun.   Aren't those speckles fantastic?  Why it has such a humble common name, I do not know.


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Glad you like the bags.Love the flowers.That would make a great colorway for some yarn.I always think like that.LOL!Have fun at Rhinebeck.Maybe I will see you there...you never know!

I love Della Q bags! I just snagged one for myself this weekend. And those flowers are gorgeous.

I've never seen lilies like that before, those are amazing.

Love the bag and the flowers. You're sockret pal is right, they would make a lovely yarn colour way...

Wow, you grow some mighty beautiful flowers! I am trying to just keep my orchid alive in the house. It lost all it's blooms already. I wished I could see more of your flowers. That purse is so styling!!

Lovley Toadlilys! I, for one, would certainly knit something out of Toadlily-colored yarn! Perhaps not socks, since they are so slow-going for me, but something!

I love the Toad Lillies. Are they native? I am thinking of them for a zone 5 spot. Not much sun, but I wouldn't think they'd need much. Such a welcome sight this time of year.

Love the pic of Lillies!!!!! GREAT!!!

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