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I Had the Best Intentions!

Today there was going to be a finished object to show you.  It was going to be a warm, woolly cardigan.  It was going to make some space in my stash, to fit those Rhinebeck purchases.  You see, on Wednesday I did a little cleaning.  I bought some of those bags that you suck the air out of with your vacuum and they make the contents really small.  I put all of my yarn in them, and cleaned up the stash.  But there was some bulky yarn that I had sitting around for a few years.  It was taking up a lot of space, being bulky and all.  I also love, love, love the color of this yarn.  It was a happy accident of dyeing involving some Wilton food coloring, and a few beers with friends.  I thought I could knock out a top down raglan in a couple of days.  Sure no problem. 

Now, here's a little note to my impatient self.  Break out of that moment of excitement when you first cast on.  Get off your lazy butt, and simply pick up a tape measure.  You know, figure out the gauge, do a little math.  It's simple really.  Then, maybe, just maybe, the arm openings won't be as big as the body.  And you won't have to frog all of that pretty green yarn.  And today you'd be sewing on some nice wood buttons and taking those fun modeled shots of  a FINISHED OBJECT!!!

Bye, bye pretty color and dreams of a warm woolly cardigan.


So it's back to the knitting I should be doing.  It's back to the Wool Peddlers Shawl (from Folk Shawls) that I'm making for my mom for Christmas, in beautiful Artyarns Ultramerino 4.  It's not quite as quick as the bulky sweater.  All of that garter stitch does get a little boring.  Luckily, I'm almost to the fun part, the border.


I've finally broken down and brought the hat and scarf basket downstairs.  It spends the winter by the door.  I love winter for all of the opportunities it affords us to wear handknits.  I just hate being cold!


I picked a winner in my 100th post contest.  It's blogless Patti.  DD #1 pulled her name out of Tupperware.  It was very auspicious and glamorous.  Patti, I've sent you an e-mail, just send me your address and I'll send you the yarn.

Happy Friday!


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Oooo, I *love* that hat and scarf basket! We currently have scarves and hats hanging on our coat tree and mittens/glove in a small basket at its base, but these are all tucked away in the guest room... I think I should rectify that for the winter! :-)

Do you believe how cold it was this morning!!!

I too have hauled out all of my winter scarves and hats from last year. I love your idea of a basket by the door, I'll borrow your idea - how neat and artsy they all will look in my mudroom. Thanks!

I too adore that basket...we have a basket too, but it's too small, and the handknits in it aren't nearly as beautiful and color-coordinated...am clearly going to have to work on this....

(PS - I laughed out loud about the bulky sweater. Been there, done that. =] )

I love pulling out the hats and scarves too.
And the raglan? I had a week of supressing my inner knitter. Not good results here either.
And I did see you from the back at Rhinebeck...I noticed your shawl...but it was so crazy and we were basically running the entire time. I read you often and wanted to say 'hi'.

Oh wow, the scarf basket looks delightful. And I love the colors on the warm wooly cardigan. What yarn are you using for that? I love all your greens!

Hee hee, I just brought out my hat and scarf basket too! Yours has a lot nicer stuff than mine though. Pretty!

What a great basket! too bad about the sweater, maybe next time...

awwww...i've only knit one sweater and the knitting gods were nice to me. beautiful color, though. oh well, it just means you get to spend more time with the yarn - and that's not entirely a bad thing.
wardrobes don't really change around here. it gets a bit more rainy during the winter months and a little more chilly in the morning, but not enough to warrant a basket by the door of knitted stuff. *sigh*
i DO have friends on the mainland. ;) i think some of them could use a hat or five...

Wow, I love your handknits basket!

I love your hat-and-scarf basket, too! It really is nicely color-coordinated.

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