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DS has some friends coming out from the City tonight for a "Suburban Halloween".  They will get what they asked for.  This historic little town has a timelessness to it at certain times of year.  All of the costumed children on the streets tonight could as easily be crunching leaves under their feet in 1959 as in 2006.  There are many days that the backwardness of this place irks me, and other times that I am charmed by it.  Tonight I will be charmed.

We started the day by discovering that we were TP'd last night.  This thrilled us.  We live a few miles from the town center, and are often missed on such devilish outings.  Getting TP'd made us feel loved. 


Once we were all dressed, we went outside for the traditional Halloween photo session.  This must be done before school in the morning, for fear of damage to the costumes during the day.


We have two rather esoteric costumes this year.  No, that is not a ghost as you might think, but rather a tissue.  And no, not a prima ballerina from Swan Lake, but Bjork from the Oscars.  The DD's love to ham it up for the camera.




This year I only made one costume (with the help of DD#2).  So you'll  have to indulge me with another shot of Bjork.


Just in case you fear there is no room for handknits in our celebrations. . .


The tissue will be sporting Baudelaires with her new Chucky T's.

Happy Halloween!!!


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The baud's look great with CT's! I love the tissue - that is hilarious!

Congrats on the toliet papering!!!!

Love the costumes....and of course the socks!!!

Happy Halloween!!

Great costumes!

The costumes look fantastic!

OMG, the Bjork swan costume cracks me up!!!!! Great job! The socks are pretty cool too. :-)

LOVE the Bjork costume! And the 'tissue'! The previous post was wonderful, too...Such very talented and witty daughters!

seriously, the coolest costumes ever!!!!
happy hallowe'en.

I hope my daughter grows up to be as cool as yours.

a tissue! i love it! i would never have thought of that. i think i would've even made some boogers to stick on there...hehe. i like that. the bjork costume is also quite fabulous! my bf loves bjork...too bad i didn't think of something like that, either, but i only listen to bjork when he drives me around.
how fun! hope you guys have a blast tonight!

Awesome Bjork costume! I love that one gets a fancy sewn costume and the other gets fancy knit socks! Both daughters triumph!

Happy Halloween!

LOVE The Tissue and Bjork!! Too Damn Funny!

Congrats on your first TPing. *L*

Great costumes and love the new socks! :)

Awesome costumes! I love the tissue idea, and the Bjork costume is a hoot! Congrats. I hope you had a safe and fun Halloween!

welcomed TP'd??? That perspective I wasn't aware of. Here in Ridgewood, my boys have been trying to convince me that it was cool but I guess I'm still a NYC girl and getting TP'd sounded, well, mischievous? Yeah, duh...

That's it... my little guy WILL be a tissue next year!

love the chuck taylors!! haha and before i read the post i totally knew she was Bjork!! LOVE IT! I wish i had trees to be TPed... sigh... apartment are no fun sometimes...

Great costumes! I knew that was Bjork right away, it is a perfect recreation of the infamous swan dress.

I would like to use your blog, since I do not have one to thank you for your wonderful gift to me from your blog anniversary. Thanks so much for the beautiful yarn. It is so soft and the photos do not do justice to the wonderful color. The Hallowe'en non perils are delish, and did look great in the candy dish..... all gone now!!! The handmade soap smells wonderful, and the cute little notebook in already in the knit bag. Thanks again so much, you were very generous with your gifts. Peace

OMG I am laughing SO hard at the bjork costume I bet it was a HOOT at your house. I love your blog, I stumbled onto it from another...guess I'm a bit of a snooper ;)

Actuelly Darling, it's the dress Björk had wear during the Cannes festival, not for the Oscar, but's ok.

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