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At the suggestion of a few of my commenters, I decided to dye some yarn using the Toad Lily photos from my last post as inspritation.  I've been itching to dye lately anyway and the weather was perfect.  I used Knitpicks Bare superwash fingering weight, and Jacquard acid dyes.  It's always a guessing game with these dyes.  They change so much when you steam them.  I'm learning though, slowly.



Stitchy McYarnpants sent out the Rhinebeck Bingo cards today.  I've been having a good time checking out  the squares on my card.  It's fun discovering new, to me blogs.


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Oooo, those yarns look sooo beautiful!

Good luck on the bingo!

Girlfriend, this yarn is just gorgeous! Are you calling it Toad Lily? It seriously reminds me of some HandMaiden Cashmere I've recently seen at littleknits. The flower is lovely. Can't believe you got it at Juniper Level. That is my most favorite nursery. Do you get their catalogue?


That is some inspired yarn. Can't wait to see it knit up.

Have fun at Rhinebeck! I expect a full report.

Love that yarn!The colors are spot on for your lilies.Gorgeous!Great job.

Oh wow, I love it! Great translation from nature to fiber.

It's fun borrowing from nature, what seems so simply beautiful can be down right complicated to replicate. The colors you chose are beautiful.

oh the yarn dyeing came out beautifully. i *adore the grassy green colour. :0) x

Yeah, I think you have it figured out! Gorgeous!

Pretty, I too can't wait to see it knit up! It always amazes me the colors that come out when the dye strikes.

I love that yarn - it came out wonderful!!! I think you do a wonderful job with the dye - you are way too critical of yourself!! I'm so excited for Rhinebeck and Bingo too. I have to start stalking the blogs on my card. LOL

Hello, this is a lovely blog and I'm glad I found it, but bizarrely it's because the calendar on my blog seems to be linking to all of your posts!! Some typepad funnyness going on there. :S

mmm. gorgeous yarn. I wish I could go to Rhinebeck!! Have a great time!

Your yarn turned out beautifully! Have fun at Rhineback!

The yarn looks amazing! Can you knit just a little swatch for us??? I also think Toad Lily is an awesome name for it.

Very impressive, it looks just like the photo!

I'm here & I am commenting!!
The yarns are gorgeous! I have superwash roving & jacquard that I am thinking of copying your toad lily colorway. Knowing me & my dyeing it will not come out close in anyway ;o)
Beautiful blog!

You did a wonderful job! It's just lovely.

wow, pretty yarn!
and i am SO not an enabler!
now, if i were to accompany y'all to Rhinebeck, THEN you could maybe possibly certifiably call me an enabler. i'd be all over that place like white on rice!
but i'm just a yarn crazy knitter in hawaii whose only real connection to sock yarns and the knitting world (cuz you know, it's not like knitting is really NECESSARY in perpetually 85 degree weather) is the internet. pickinz be sparse 'round these parts. gotta feed the obsession somehow.
and i'm a good girl: i know how to share :)
still hankering for a smores...perhaps this weekend...*drool* mmm...smores...(major PMS over here).

Nice dye job... it'll make a lovely knit whatever. Can't wait to see it, whatever it will end up being. I really should learn to dye. Toadlily is awesome, indeed.

Hi there! Just visiting folks on my Bingo card. Beautiful toad lilies! I have some of the smaller, bashful yellow ones in my woodland garden. Hope to see you at Rhinebeck.


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