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A Package From Hawaii

A few weeks ago I entered a contest that Keohinani posted on You Know You Knit Too Much When . . ..  It was a contest to photograph handknit socks paired with shoes.  I entered in a few different categories and won one!  Today my prize package arrived.  It contained some really great stuff!

Brooklyn Handspun in the Winter's Delight colorway.  It's luscious!


Some magnificently spooky stitch markers, made by Keohinani.  It must have been one of those sleepless nights of hers. When else does one make Halloween stitch markers?


And because she is such a thoughtful person, she even included something for DD#1 and DD#2!   There are handmade bracelets for each girl, a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser, chewy fruit candies, Hello Kitty Post It notes, some lovely nail files and nail polish, with flowers in it!


For anyone interested, DD#1 & DD#2 will be starting the official Aloha & Oreos Fan Club!

Thank you Keohinani!


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yay! you got it! the elastic thingies i put with the bracelets are for your hair. they're really popular here because you can cut the elastic to the length you want it. they're also good because there's no metal to snag your hair or impale your scalp if you play sports.
the little bottle with the flowers is actually cuticle oil. :)

What a wonderful surprise!

I adore that colorway! Yum!

Congrats on the win. You definitely deserved it. You had some great sock/shoe combos!

What a pretty colorway. I love the little hints of green.

Love that Brooklyn Handspun yarn! The stitch markers are great, too! Congrats!

ohhhh lovely prizes! Today must have been an especially good one.

No fair, didn't you get enough stuff at Rhinebeck??

That yarn is luscious! Great stitch markers too. :)

What a great package! Doesn't Jill always send the best loot????

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