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Why I Missed Knit Out

I really wanted to go to Knit Out this weekend.  We even drove by, and I gazed longingly out the window at the booths and all of those knitters.  But it was a big weekend for the kids.  Every few months, their music school puts on a show.  This weekend they did a Punk Rock show at CBGB.  It was AMAZING!  All of the kids were wonderful.  You almost forgot they were kids.  It was especially memorable because CBGB will close permanently in two weeks.  When you think of all of the great bands who played here, and all of the people who were inspired by the music  and performances they saw here, it is truly tragic.


So while everyone else was out knitting in Union Square, I was hanging out by the mosh pit, rocking out to my kids playing songs I remember well from my formative years.

I did get some knitting done.  I finished both scarves I had on the needles for Think Pink.  I'll be sending them off sometime this week.  I hope they bring a little comfort to a woman facing breast cancer.


It's not too late to enter your photos in Keohinani's shoe/sock contest.  I added two more entries today.



I've decided that my Swallowtail Shawl will be my Rhinebeck project.  Sometimes projects become bigger in my mind than they are in reality.  Yes, this yarn is very fine, and I will need to knit many more repeats than called for, but I do have a month, and the pattern it's self is not too difficult.  So Swallowtail it is.


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My ex is a musician, and the first time his band played at CBGB I was out of my mind. The sound is so great, the vibe is so cool, the history so rich, the room so dirty, lol!

That pool picture? FABU!

It's such an awesome experience for them to be able to play in such a historic spot. They will have great memories! I enjoyed watching the concert on CBGB's website. DS really gets into it when he performs! Too cool :)

Those two new entries for Keohinani's contest are wonderful! I was going to enter but I don't think there is any way I can compete hehe.

You have the greatest collection of shoes on the face of the earth! They are GREAT! I posted my entry to the contest and oddly enough the colors are very close to your first entry. Reds, oranges, yellows — my Lorna's Laces had more green I think. Red shoes though. I love me some red shoes. What are your Pomatomus (Pomatomi?) made of??

Love the shoes (and legs) in a tree! You have the most awesome shoes.

Your sock photos are wonderful - I bet you'll win. And from the people I've observed knitting Swallowtail, it seems to be a very fast knit.

Oooh, this is such a fantastic contest idea! I wish I could fit my feet into shoes with socks on, but alas.

I love the pool shot. And in the tree! You have nice legs! (Sorry if that was creepy. It was meant in the most knitterly way possible.)

I love your photos for the contest! Those green shoes are fantastic!

Your pictures with socks and shoes are adorable.

Hi Kirsten! Thanks for your contributions for the "Think Pink" challenge -- they are both really lovely! I know Syd will really appreciate it, and the ultimate recipients as well. You are correct in that, since they were completed before my blog contest, they don't qualify, but I do appreciate your generous spirit, and again, you did a fantastic job on the scarves! :-)

P.S. Cute sock/shoe combinations! And I'm envious of your nice legs -- its' been decades since mine looked that nice!

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