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Tomato Soup and Goldfish

As a kid, one of my favorite lunches was tomato soup.  Mm-mm.  For the past few days I've had a nasty cold.  So, what's the best way to make myself feel better?  Tomato soup and Goldfish of course!  (Suddenly I've got Maurice Sendak's Chicken Soup With Rice going through my head!  As sung by Carol King of course!)  It's not homemade tomato soup or anything, not Campbell's either.  It's one of those "fancy pants" new organic-soups-in-a-carton that all the grocery stores have these days.  Not a bad lunch for a girl feeling a little under the weather.


I decided I should get a few scarves done for Think Pink.  After searching my yarn stash, and realizing that I didn't have any appropriate pink yarn, I dashed off to my favorite LYS.  I was lucky enough to find some perfect choices in the 50% off bin!  So, I'm knitting two scarves on some big needles, so I can make the October first deadline.

This is Tahki Bunny Print, color 029, on US size 10 needles.  I'm doing a simple broken rib.


I'm also working on a leaf lace pattern in Rowan Cashsoft DK, color 506 on US size 10.5.  I'm doubling the yarn for speedier knitting.


In stash enhancement news, I broke down and placed an order from Dave, of Cabin Cove.  I've been eying his yarn for awhile and just couldn't resist!  They are as lovely in person as they are in his on line shop!



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I hope the tomato soup does the trick and you're feeling better soon.

Watch out! You're going to have Gold Fishie Ghosties in your tummy now. *L*

That sounds really good though. Mmmm

The scarf is lovely. Love Dave's Yarn too. He has the best stuff. :D

I hope you feel better soon!! love the pic with the drowning fishies hehehee

love the scarves too - I really like the leaf pattern, and I'll bet that yarn is so nice and soft mmmmmm


My favourite was always consomme with lots of little pastas in it. Yummmmm :) Mom always made it for me when I was ill. Love the yarns you got from Dave! What are you going to make with them?

mmm...i *love the pink yarn. so yummy. and tht cabin cove yarn looks really good. love the colours you chose. :0) x

Hope you're feeling better soon. The scarves and the yarn look great.

mmm...soup. i hope you feel better! my mom brainwashed me into thinking my favorite color was pink when i was little. i like pink. it's nice. but i know (NOW) that it's not my FAVORITE color. :) those are such pretty colors. they'll make some fabulous socks! speaking of socks...you should head over to my page if you haven't already :) :) :)

Tomato soup always makes me feel better also. And the amazing thing is that last time my 7 year old was sick we made tomato soup for her. Suprisingly it is now one of her favorite things to eat and she asks for it often. Hope you get better.

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