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Swallowtail Finished

Swallowtail is finished and blocked.  Despite uncooperative weather and cranky daughters, I managed to get a few photographs.






Pattern:  Swallowtail Shawl, Fall 2006 Interweave Knits by Evelyn A. Clark
Yarn: Just Our Yarn, Myne 100% cashmere, hand painted, less than one 500 yard skein
Needles:  Knitpicks Size US #3
Modifications:  Since the yarn I used is much finer than the called for yarn, I did 5 extra repeats on the "budding lace" section. 
Finished size, after blocking:  46" width across top edge, 23" long at point
Hints:  I used a size zero needle to pick up and purl the 5 stitches to make the nupps, then transfered the new stitch back onto the size 3's which I was working with.  With the points on the Knitpicks needles, this worked really well.
Started: September 1
Completed: September 28


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I had done nupps on a Madli's Shawl, and I had to use a darning needle to p7tog them. What a pita! They look pretty great, though.

It's absolutely beautiful! love your choice of yarn!

gorgeous! I love the pictures on the cello

Gorgeous photos, that is one of the reasons I read your blog. Lace is something I have not been successful at so far, I am chart-impaired

It's wonderful! And I love all your creative photos.

Oh my that is beautiful! I especially love the photo of the shawl covering the cello — my sister is a cellist and a new knitter and she will LOVE this.
Great job!!

Gorgeous! Positively gorgeous!

Ko - it's beautiful! I can't wait to see it in person.

the colors in the background there on your porch really bring out the delicate colors of the shawl, how luxurious!

Absolutely stunning! You have outdone yourself.

It's just stunning - I love the yarn and it's just so fitting for that pattern.

Wow! That's a gorgeous shawl! The colors are great too.

What's left to say? I agree with all the previous commenters; the shawl is absolutly gorgeous.

Cranky daughters or not, at least the cello doesn't talk back. ;)

Swallowtail is gorgeous!! I love your pictures also. (Especially the on e with the boxes and gravy boat.) Can't wait to get this pattern on my needles!!

Your Swallowtail is stunning. I just started mine today, and I so appreciate your tip about the nupps....I had been fearing them! Do you play the cello? So do I. Your photos are lovely.

wow. it is so beautiful. the yarn looks really gorgeous.
who's cello? i luv all the strings- i play violin myself. :0) x

Lovely, lovely piece! Just beautiful.

I am so in awe of lace knitters! That is just gorgeous, and the photos are terrific too.

It is stunning!! I love the subtle color changes in the yarn. Beautiful job.

This is just wonderful! It's not often that multicolored yarn looks good in lace! Well done!

So lovely! Great pics, too!

I like yours shawl.
Would you send me pattern, please.
I live in Estonia and my aunt
knit shawls like this.

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