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Last week I asked my readers to show me their funky shoe/sock combos. Now Keohinani has taken it one step further, and made it a contest!  She's offering yarny prizes, so go get your entry in.

For my entry, I dragged DD#2, my intrepid foot model, out in the rain for a photo shoot.  I like the way my Pomatomi look with these shoes.  I think the watery rain theme works well with Cookie's fishy pattern.




I'm still working on pink scarves for Think Pink.  I should be done by the end of the weekend and back to my other knitting projects.  "What are they?" you ask.  Well, lately I've been reading other's blogs where they declare their "Rhinebeck Project".  Hmmm.  I've been looking forward to Rhinebeck.  It'll be my first time.  But now the pressure is on.  What will I knit for this event?  I have been considering finishing my Swallowtail shawl, but that would mean knitting nothing but Swallowtail for the next month.  I could take on one of the many sweaters I've got on my list.  I should be able to get a sweater done quickly enough.  But, I worry, what if it is one of those really warm October days.  I've  been loving some of the vests I've seen lately, so that's another possibility.  I'd like some input.  What do you think?

And for a little eye candy, DD #2's new boots!



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Fantastic Photos of the Pato-s. and I am loving the new boots, they are so fabulous!!

i *love your photos! those socks look great with your shoes. i have been meaning to take a photo of my socks in shoes and link to it from that post of yours but i still haven't gotten around to doing it! :0) x

love the shoes with those socks!

Wherever did you get those boots!

For Rhinebeck, I'm finishing up a boucle sweater/jacket that I'm doing with some yarn I bought from Englewood, NJ. Do you know this place?? I know what you mean about the whacky weather but I'm thinking it will be bright but chilly.

Wherever did you get DD#2's boots! They are SO COOL they're HOT! I love 'em! They remind me of those pink & black licorice! Yum!

Love the pictures! Wow!!!!

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