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Flights of Fancy


There are some bloggers who I am very jealous of.  They have really nifty cameras, and are able to take those lovely macro photos of their knitting.  I really, really, really want a camera like that.  Hmm, maybe if I sell some stash. . .

I took some photos of my Swallowtail in progress.  This yarn, although gorgeous in person, is very difficult to photograph well.  The color is a warm mossy green.  It's hand painted cashmere from Just Our Yarn.  Swallowtail1_4

If any of my readers have made this shawl, do you mind telling me roughly what percentage of the top width of your shawl is border?   The yarn I'm using is much finer than that call for, and I need to do some math to work out how many more repeats I need to do.  The body of the shawl has a repeat of 6 stitches, and the border repeats every ten.   So I'm figuring I should go another 5 repeats and end up with an additional 6o stitches.    I want to figure out if that will get me a dimension I can live with.   I'm at 13 repeats, on more and I'll be done with the Budding Lace, according to the pattern.  When stretched, the top currently measures 28".  Hopefully the yarn will hold out.  I've got two skeins of 500 yard each.  Sock_1_1

I started a pair of socks for DD #1.  I'm using a stitch pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks.  It's working out really nicely with the Knitpicks yarn I'm using.  The color way is Smores.

We've got a busy night.  It's Back to School Night at DS's high school.  No time for links.  Sorry.



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I hear you about the camera envy. I only have 2 megapixels! Although it's funny what I can get away with with my teeny tripod and a macro setting. The swallowtail shawl is on my maybe list...I'll watch to see how yours comes out!

I love your Swallowtail-in-the-sky shot! That yarn is super-scrumptious. Someone in my Stitch and Bitch has just started that shawl in a subtley-verigated yarn also, and it's creeping up my todo list.

i'm afraid I can't help, because I gave my shawl away. I just wanted to say that it looks gorgeous!!

Great shot of the shawl in the sky, and the socks look great too. I have serious sock envy. I've got to learn how to knit a sock soon :)

I think the extra repeats are a good idea if you want it bigger. It's not a real big shawl to begin with and knit in a finer weight yarn it will be even smaller. I'm going to start one in Schaeffer Anne and I'm wondering about extra repeats myself. Then again, a nice small shawl is great and doesn't require any math a'tall.

Ruth, knitting socks is easy :) Once you do the first one you probably won't need a pattern any more.

Ko, the swallowtail is gorgeous! I love the photo of it against the sky. You are such a creative photographer :) A woman of many talents, I'm glad I can call you sis!

Love the texture of the swallowtail. Can't wait to see what Zimmermainia is all about.

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