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Ezbooks Elizabeth Zimmerman.  Yesterday the mailman brought me my first EZ  books.  Why did I wait so long?   These are books that one may randomly open to any page and read.  There will always be something to marvel at.  Her writing, her drawings, her knitting, her wisdom, they are all brilliant.  I joined Zimmermania because I have read on many knitting blogs how wonderful EZ patterns are.  What I wasn't prepared for was how much I would enjoy her writing.  She reminds me of the strong intelligent women I have been lucky enough to know.  Among them have been my grandmothers, my mother, my amazing great aunts (who I must someday write about on this blog), my sisters, my daughters, my friends.  All women I admire.  I recognize bits of each of them in the things she says.  I see these women in her confidence, her belief in her own ideas and abilities.  I have been lucky enough to have women around me who, like Elizabeth, embrace their creative instincts and are fearless in the execution. 

I worked on Swallowtail a bit yesterday.  I am done with 17 of the 19 repeats I plan to do on the budding lace section.  I don't think I'll have any problem getting this done in time for Rhinebeck.  I've begun to think about possibly making a vest for Rhinebeck too.

I took some photos of what's happening in the garden.  Fall is such a beautiful time.




Have a great weekend.


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beautiful!!! LOVE hydrangeas and any flower with lots of little buds on it, and all your flowers are gorgeous! :D

Your garden is amazing! I envy the weather and the green thumb that allowed you to grow those beautiful flowers ...

I have many of the same plants in my garden and while they look interesting at this point in their lifecycle, I'm sad to know that they'll be gone in a week or so.

Enjoy your new books, I have them both also.

But the real question on the shawl is, are you nupping? Or not nupping?

Thanks for the welcome back to the land of the living. I am a major EZ fan and have just heard about Zimmermania. I must resist the temptation to join in as I have way too much on my plate as it is.

You know what my favorite pattern is--the one that I dream about knitting one day? In Knitting Around--the Aran coat. I wonder if anyone will take that project on?

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