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Back to School Wednesday!

Here in NJ the kids start school the Wednesday after Labor Day.
This morning, DS went off to his first day of High School.  He is so ready!  He turned 15 at the end of August, so he is old for his grade anyway.  It is time.
DD's 1&2 are off to their first day of 7th grade.  I often ask myself, "How did we get here so fast?"  It seems like I was just a new mom.  Now I look around me and see those moms of babies and kindergartners and think they look so young!  (Not nearly as many "worry lines".)   I'm loving my kids at these ages.  They are smart and funny.  The conversations we have are wonderful.
So happy back to school everyone.

In knitting news, I cast on the Swallowtail Shawl on September 1st.  I was itching for a new project after UFO August.  I'm knitting it with Just Our Yarn Myne.  It is the most heavenly yarn, 100% cashmere, hand painted, lace weight.  Mmmmmmm!  They don't have the yarn on the website because they sell out so fast.  But if you ever see them at a fiber festival, snap some up.  It is much finer than the called for yarn, and I don't like skimpy shawls, so I'll be knitting many more repeats.  This will be a long term project.  Sorry for the lousy photos, the lighting this AM is not great.  I did what I could with contrast and color adjustments.



I'm also test knitting a sock for Bev.  I can't show you the sock, since she'll be submitting it to an on line knitting magazine, but I can show you the yarn.  It's Mama-E's, in a beautiful blue colorway called June Bug.  This yarn is a pleasure to knit.


I had a good time dyeing yarn on Thursday.  I dyed some for my contest winners, and also for Karen's Diabetes Walk-a-thon.  There was even a little left over for me.


For those of you on the edge of your seat to find out which was the lie, the answer is #1.  DH did once have the opportunity to meet his childhood idol, Pele, but it was not on our trip to Costa Rica, it was at a business conference.  I guess I'm a pretty bad liar, a lot of you got it right.  Thanks for playing along.


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Wow, the shawl looks great and I love the yarn you dyed.

Gorgeous shawl! And the yarn you dyed is beautiful. I hope all the kids, yours and mine, have a good first day!

Your swallowtail shawl looks lovely. I started one too on Sept 1st, but mine is made with a scratchy wool :-(

Your shawl is looking really great so far! Where is that pattern from? I also really like the yarn you dyed!

I love the colorway for the shawl. The bright splashes of color are beautiful and add such interest. The pattern shows off the yarn well.

regarding the shawl? you had me at 100% cashmere :) everything else was just a bonus. look at those colors! wow. that's enough to make me wanna knit lace...and that hardly ever happens because of a yarn.
my nephew just made 2 in april and started preschool a month ago. my niece will be a year old in october and she's already walking. i'm only their aunty, but i get that feeling, too; they grow up so fast.
i just received the yarn you dyed yesterday. it's so pretty! i love the colors! and especially because of the way you packaged it, it means a lot. i'll be saving it for something really special. thank you so much.
oh, and my sewing machine thanks you as well. i'm currently in the process of figuring out how to use the fat quarters you sent me to make a cover for its current dust cover, ugly plain white plastic thing! no more! hehe. :)
happy aloha friday, Kirsten!

The yarn you dyed is fantabulous! And that shawl is going to be to die for!

That yarn for your Swallowtail is gorgeous! And I love the wild sock combo.

Thanks for your recent comments on my blog.
Wow, have you been busy! I have just resubscribed to IK and am waiting for the fall issue to arrive so I can start a swallowtail too. It looks great, and I love all Evelyn Clark's patterns. I like your socks'n'shoes combo. I'm into socks'n'crocs these days - bright turquoise.

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