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Truths - Lies

The fabulous Cara tagged me for the Two Truths and a Lie meme.  So here goes, see if you can guess which is the lie.

1.  DH has played soccer (or "football" if you prefer) since he was 5. That was 1967, and there weren't too many soccer players or places to play in NJ, so you had to be dedicated.  He has loved the game ever since.  He was a Cosmos fan back in their heyday, and never missed a game.  A few years ago, we traveled to Costa Rica.  We stayed at the swanky, new at the time, Four Seasons.  (They had been offering good promotional deals and we jumped on it.)  Staying at the resort at the same time, was none other than soccer legend, and the idol of DH's youth, Pele!  We saw him on the beach, in the resturant and even at the golf course.  By the end of the week, DH had managed to get his autograph.

2.  Late one afternoon, DH and I were sitting in our favorite Tapas spot, Cafe Andalusia, on 39th St. & 9th Ave.  We were belly up to the bar, enjoying a beer and  waiting for our Patatas Bravas and Camarones.  There was a commotion on the street, not unusual for this part of town.  We heard the loud shouting getting closer to the bar.  Next thing we knew, one of the men ran through the door, grabbed DH's butter knife, and ran off down the street chasing his adversary.  The sweet, elderly owner, quickly rushed out the door to chase the men.  A few minutes later, he returned, and with a grunt of displeasure, replaced DH's knife with a fresh one.

3.  DH's Aunt was once married to Sonny Bono.  Nuff said.

I'd like to tag a couple of people who I have recently enjoyed getting to know through this blog, Chawne and Ruth.


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Umm.... 3?

I guess number one

I think #1 is the lie.

I'll guess #3. I can't wait to hear which one it was though, because I'm not sure I'm right!!

I'll vote for #3 also. Can't wait to find out which is right!

Umm, 1?

It's gonna be a while before I can get around to this on my blog. Classes started yesterday so my blogging time is pretty much gone...

Number 1 is the lie. How cool that your DH is related to CHER!!! ;-)

Hmmm, I think #2 is the lie. I just really like the idea of your DH meeting his boyhood idol so I refuse to believe it didn't happen! :)

Wish I could vote on this one :) But I know too much about you. What a fun idea though :)

Hey, are you modelling the socks? You have very shapely feet...

Hi Ko!
I'm finally sending you my first comment from Istanbul, Turkey!
It's gorgeous here. Perfect weather. Haven't found any yarn stores but there's certainly no shortage of kilm!

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