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The Results Are In!


Thanks to Lori who got her vote in at the last minute, the Copenhagen shoes just edged out the Converse.  Since it was going to be a tie, and I have twin daughters who each wanted to draw a name, I've decided to select two winners.

(Insert drum roll here)
The Winners Are:
Ev and  Keohinani!

Congratulations!  I'll be sending some hand dyed sock yarn to each of you. 

Thanks to everyone who voted.  It was really fun to get all of your comments, quite a few of them gave me a good laugh.

I've decided to name the socks "Rhodie Gus"  in honor of my Father.  He's had a tough year health wise, and is just recently starting to feel a little better.  One of the things he loves most in this world, (after my mother, his daughters and his grandchildren of course), is Rhododendrons.  He has been a very active member of the American Rhododendron Society for many years, and hybridizes Rhodies, to create new varieties.  The colors of the Trekking that I knit the socks in reminds me of the colors in his Rhododendrons, thus the name.

The sock pattern is in the sidebar.  I'm having a little trouble with Typepad.  For some reason, every time I try to put the photo up with the download link, it makes the photo huge.  So, I've eliminated the photo.  Just look for the "rhodie.pdf" link in the sidebar.  As always, please let me know if you find any errors in the pattern, so I may fix them.


Edited to add:  Silly me, Keohinani is not blogless, she writes the very enjoyable blog, Aloha and Oreos.  I've linked to her above.


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I'm going to download the pattern now and hope to get it on the needles soon!! Thank you so much. Congrats to the winners . . . . and btw, Keohinani's blog is Aloha & Oreos . . . unless there are two Keohinani's. :)

I have been following the progress on your socks. Love the pattern. What a wonderful way to honor your dad. My dad has also had a difficult time with his health lately. He should be home from the hospital in 3 days. I hope we are finally on the way to recovery. The link to the pattern is not working but I will keep checking back.

Very nice -- thanks so much for sharing the pattern!

Woot! Thanks for posting the pattern for download. I can't wait to make these socks! I even know which yarn I'm going to use. :)

Hopefully Miss Violet won't be under the weather for too long, but I am going to hold down the fort as best I can.

(*runs off to open download link*)

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