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Jaywalking at the Salon

I got a much needed hair cut and color today.  I went a little warmer on the color.  Thought it might be fun to have a touch of red.   Sitting in that chair gave me a little time to finish up a Jaywalker.
On the way home I picked up my new glasses. 
I'm so stylin'.  DH and I will be going out on the town tonight, for a little Chinese and Jazz.


Self portraits are not easy.


Thanks for all of you who voted on yesterday's post.  Voting continues until Monday, so if you haven't done so go cast your vote for your favorite shoes.



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Great cut and the color looks really nice.

Triple cool: cool dye job, cool glasses, cool sock!

love the hairdo!

I love your self portraits, you look like you would be so darn much fun!

Ooooo, I love the hair! Those Jaywalkers are look pretty awesome too!

The hair color looks great on you. I usually take my knitting to the salon, but never work on it because I'm tired of answering the question "why do you knit socks?" Some people just don't get it!

love your new glasses! sooo spunky! and your hair looks lovely too. :0) x

Nice haircut, I've got an appoitment next Tuesday (high time). ;o)
Isn't it sad though, because there are so many nice pattern out there, I hardly get to make something twice, even though I like it, just because there's not enough time! And I really don't feel the presure because everybody is waiting to see what the cashmere was transmorphed into, none at all. Makes me want to ripp it out and start looking for a better pattern ..... ;o)

You are so cute! And to Ann: she IS so darn much fun! How lucky are we who know her in real life!

Wow--those glasses are GREAT! I need new ones; I'll have to keep my eye out for a similar pair.

Terrific hair cut and color and I LOVE the sock. Now hurry on over to my blog and check out the two truths and a lie meme I tagged you for. Have a great day!

Love the cut and colour. The glasses look great too. Btw I'm really looking forward to trying out the sock pattern that you've promised to post. Thanks.

Great hair, great glasses! What fun to *see* who I'm talking with. and I love the sock and the scenery behind you.

Your hair looks great...very flattering color. Love the glasses (and the knitting) too!

Cute (pronounced KYOU-OOT!).
Really darling!!
Enjoy the new style.
I just got mine cut really short as well. I'm not likin' it so much, but it feels great! Got 10 or so inches cut off. Short hair feels good!

It's always good to have a little red in your hair, going into Fall. I was thinking that just this morning! (plus, it'll cover my gray...)

Enjoy your evening out! You certainly look ready for a grand adventure.

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