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August 31; 11:36 PM

The Jaywalkers are done.  Just in time for UFO August to come to an end.



Pattern Grumperina's Jaywalker
Yarn Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Sock, color Vera

Below is  my UFO August List, with the items I've finished crossed out.  I finished a total of six.  I'm pretty pleased with that.  I will continue to work on the UFO's but not right away.   I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I can cast on a new project.  It'll definitely be the Swallowtail Shawl from the Fall Interweave.  I've just seen too many gorgeous Swallowtails out there not to knit it.


1. "Lime and Violet", Jaywalker sock in my own hand painted yarn, 2nd sock

2. 2x2 ribbed sock for my dad's birthday, Koigu in a neutral color, 2nd sock

3. Birch, Rowan #34, Kidsilk Haze - graphite

4. Sock of my own design in Trekking - Greens and Pinks

5. Turbulence U-Neck Pullover from, Knitting Nature, Elann Sonata- bright blue

6. Another Jaywalker, this time in Lorna's Laces, color "Vera"


7. Raglan Body Hugger from Sally Melville's, The Purl Stitch, Red Butterfly Cotton

8. Hourglass Sweater, from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, Blue Noro Cash Iroha

9. Cabled Sweater of my own design, my own hand painted purple yarn

10. Trellis Scarf, Spring '06 Interweave,  black lace weight from
Handpaintedyarn.com, now that I have my Knitpicks needles, the K7tog, TBL will be so much easier, I may actually finish this.

12. Fitted t-shirt, pattern generated from software at Art Fibers in San Francisco, Plum variegated cotton ribbon yarn from Art Fibers

13. Lace Leaf Scarf, from Vogue Knitting, Spring Summer '05, Green Karabella Boise, 50/50 merino/cashmere, if you have never felt this yarn, run, don't walk to the nearest store that sells Karabella, and dive into a pile of it.

14. Flower Basket Shawl, Fall '04 Interweave (I think), in bright pink Silk/Cashmere hand painted yarn from School Products in NYC.


15. My own design, lace shawl, brown, 100% heavenly cashmere from Karabella

16. Bright Orange Fair Isle sweater of my own design -  I love garish colors!


17. Lace scarf - stitch pattern similar to Cozy from Knitty. Knit with ombre orange/red yarn I purchased on my trip to Sweden this summer.

18. Blue striped legwarmer for DD#2

What do you knit at the movies?

Yesterday I went to Purl Soho to buy yarn for the Red Scarf Project.  I was really good.  I walked out of the store with only the yarn I needed for the scarf.  The trouble is, I walked back in.  I just couldn't leave the crisp, green and white Lorna's Laces behind.  I also had to stop into their new fabric store.  Yum!  There were so many glorious prints.  I was a good girl and only bought a little, to make myself a tote.

I took my kids to another bad teen movie today.  An event like that requires knitting.  Nothing like the mindless spiral of a stockingette sock for a dark theater.  New yarn and a bad movie, perfect together.  Sprinkled liberaly with popcorn of course.


I should have been working on my final project for UFO August, Jaywalkers in Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Sock, color Vera.  Today's the 30th, after all, only 1 day left of August.  I think I can sneak in the knitting time to get them done.  I've already turned the heel, just a quick gusset, then smooth sailing to the toe.  I'll get some time in watching Project Runway tonight.


For the curious, here's the yarn I picked up at Purl for my Red Scarf Project scarf.  It's going to be striped.  They want unisex colors and patterns, so I'll do some sort of broken rib.


Finally, I've gotten an e-mail from Kathleen that she finished her version of my Sunkist Cardi.  This was pretty exciting for me.  It's the first time I know of that someone has knit one of my free patterns.  I'd like to start a gallery of things people have knit from my patterns.  So If you do knit any of them, send me a photo and I'll add it.  Kathleen's will be the first.

Support Diabetes Research

Karen, of Musings of a (mostly) self taught knitter, who is diabetic herself, will be walking for Diabetes in October.  Head over to her blog to learn more about it, or click here to go directly to her walk page to make a donation.  It's an important cause, and you'll be sponsoring a really worthy person.


Truths - Lies

The fabulous Cara tagged me for the Two Truths and a Lie meme.  So here goes, see if you can guess which is the lie.

1.  DH has played soccer (or "football" if you prefer) since he was 5. That was 1967, and there weren't too many soccer players or places to play in NJ, so you had to be dedicated.  He has loved the game ever since.  He was a Cosmos fan back in their heyday, and never missed a game.  A few years ago, we traveled to Costa Rica.  We stayed at the swanky, new at the time, Four Seasons.  (They had been offering good promotional deals and we jumped on it.)  Staying at the resort at the same time, was none other than soccer legend, and the idol of DH's youth, Pele!  We saw him on the beach, in the resturant and even at the golf course.  By the end of the week, DH had managed to get his autograph.

2.  Late one afternoon, DH and I were sitting in our favorite Tapas spot, Cafe Andalusia, on 39th St. & 9th Ave.  We were belly up to the bar, enjoying a beer and  waiting for our Patatas Bravas and Camarones.  There was a commotion on the street, not unusual for this part of town.  We heard the loud shouting getting closer to the bar.  Next thing we knew, one of the men ran through the door, grabbed DH's butter knife, and ran off down the street chasing his adversary.  The sweet, elderly owner, quickly rushed out the door to chase the men.  A few minutes later, he returned, and with a grunt of displeasure, replaced DH's knife with a fresh one.

3.  DH's Aunt was once married to Sonny Bono.  Nuff said.

I'd like to tag a couple of people who I have recently enjoyed getting to know through this blog, Chawne and Ruth.

The Results Are In!


Thanks to Lori who got her vote in at the last minute, the Copenhagen shoes just edged out the Converse.  Since it was going to be a tie, and I have twin daughters who each wanted to draw a name, I've decided to select two winners.

(Insert drum roll here)
The Winners Are:
Ev and  Keohinani!

Congratulations!  I'll be sending some hand dyed sock yarn to each of you. 

Thanks to everyone who voted.  It was really fun to get all of your comments, quite a few of them gave me a good laugh.

I've decided to name the socks "Rhodie Gus"  in honor of my Father.  He's had a tough year health wise, and is just recently starting to feel a little better.  One of the things he loves most in this world, (after my mother, his daughters and his grandchildren of course), is Rhododendrons.  He has been a very active member of the American Rhododendron Society for many years, and hybridizes Rhodies, to create new varieties.  The colors of the Trekking that I knit the socks in reminds me of the colors in his Rhododendrons, thus the name.

The sock pattern is in the sidebar.  I'm having a little trouble with Typepad.  For some reason, every time I try to put the photo up with the download link, it makes the photo huge.  So, I've eliminated the photo.  Just look for the "rhodie.pdf" link in the sidebar.  As always, please let me know if you find any errors in the pattern, so I may fix them.


Edited to add:  Silly me, Keohinani is not blogless, she writes the very enjoyable blog, Aloha and Oreos.  I've linked to her above.

Jaywalking at the Salon

I got a much needed hair cut and color today.  I went a little warmer on the color.  Thought it might be fun to have a touch of red.   Sitting in that chair gave me a little time to finish up a Jaywalker.
On the way home I picked up my new glasses. 
I'm so stylin'.  DH and I will be going out on the town tonight, for a little Chinese and Jazz.


Self portraits are not easy.


Thanks for all of you who voted on yesterday's post.  Voting continues until Monday, so if you haven't done so go cast your vote for your favorite shoes.


A Finished Object, a Contest, and a Vote


I have seen a bit of discussion on the blogs lately, about shoe choices with our hand knit socks.  I thought it would be fun to photograph my latest pair, with an assortment of options.  Some clearly work better than others.  So, I'm going to have a little vote.  In a comment, tell me which pair you like the best with the socks.  I'll do a random drawing of all of the people who vote, and the winner will get a fibery prize in the mail.  (It doesn't matter if the shoe you vote for wins.)  I'll post the contest winner, the top shoe, and the free pattern for the socks on Monday.

#1.  My Brown "Copenhagen" Shoes


#2.  DD#2's Floral Converse


#3.  Golf Shoes, Hmm, maybe those should be Clown Shoes


#4.  DD#2's Green Buckle Shoes


#5.  My Keenes


#6.  Green Crocs


Just Spreading The Word

The Red Scarf Project 2007 is starting.  Check it out. 


I'm in.  Time to go dig through the stash for red yarn.

Wishing for the Cold?

This scarf is enough to make me wish is was January.  It is the softest thing I have ever felt.  (With the possible exceptions of a newborn baby's hair and my bunny, Smudge.) 
I finished and blocked it last night.  It still smells like Eucalan.  Mmmmm.




Pattern:  Leaf Lace Scarf  by Shirley Paden, from Vogue Knitting Summer "05
Yarn:  Karabella Boise, 50% Cashmere / 50% Merino, 2 balls
Needles:  Addi Turbo US size 7

Modifications:  I used a seed stitch edging to help control rolling.  I slipped the last stitch of each row, for a clean edge.  The pattern has you knit this scarf in two sections and graft them at the center back, I just knit this one straight through.

Yipee, I get to tick another one off my UFO August List!

A Little Eye Candy


My cushions, cheaply made with sale fabric from JoAnn's a few years ago.  These get used constantly, in many different ways.


Vintage buttons and buckles.


Stash fabric.  Maybe I'll start making log cabin quilts.  I've always loved them.


My charming owl with needles.


The pool with that come hither look.


Henry's Attic "Monty" that I dyed a few weeks ago.  This is about a half pound.  No knots.  Hmmmm.  What to do. . .