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August 31; 11:36 PM

The Jaywalkers are done.  Just in time for UFO August to come to an end.



Pattern Grumperina's Jaywalker
Yarn Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Sock, color Vera

Below is  my UFO August List, with the items I've finished crossed out.  I finished a total of six.  I'm pretty pleased with that.  I will continue to work on the UFO's but not right away.   I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I can cast on a new project.  It'll definitely be the Swallowtail Shawl from the Fall Interweave.  I've just seen too many gorgeous Swallowtails out there not to knit it.


1. "Lime and Violet", Jaywalker sock in my own hand painted yarn, 2nd sock

2. 2x2 ribbed sock for my dad's birthday, Koigu in a neutral color, 2nd sock

3. Birch, Rowan #34, Kidsilk Haze - graphite

4. Sock of my own design in Trekking - Greens and Pinks

5. Turbulence U-Neck Pullover from, Knitting Nature, Elann Sonata- bright blue

6. Another Jaywalker, this time in Lorna's Laces, color "Vera"


7. Raglan Body Hugger from Sally Melville's, The Purl Stitch, Red Butterfly Cotton

8. Hourglass Sweater, from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, Blue Noro Cash Iroha

9. Cabled Sweater of my own design, my own hand painted purple yarn

10. Trellis Scarf, Spring '06 Interweave,  black lace weight from
Handpaintedyarn.com, now that I have my Knitpicks needles, the K7tog, TBL will be so much easier, I may actually finish this.

12. Fitted t-shirt, pattern generated from software at Art Fibers in San Francisco, Plum variegated cotton ribbon yarn from Art Fibers

13. Lace Leaf Scarf, from Vogue Knitting, Spring Summer '05, Green Karabella Boise, 50/50 merino/cashmere, if you have never felt this yarn, run, don't walk to the nearest store that sells Karabella, and dive into a pile of it.

14. Flower Basket Shawl, Fall '04 Interweave (I think), in bright pink Silk/Cashmere hand painted yarn from School Products in NYC.


15. My own design, lace shawl, brown, 100% heavenly cashmere from Karabella

16. Bright Orange Fair Isle sweater of my own design -  I love garish colors!


17. Lace scarf - stitch pattern similar to Cozy from Knitty. Knit with ombre orange/red yarn I purchased on my trip to Sweden this summer.

18. Blue striped legwarmer for DD#2


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Oh, you're killing me with the shoes again! Seriously, whenever I see an interesting pair of shoes now I think, "Yes, but do they compare to Those Shoes?" lol The socks are gorgeous and awesomely my favorite colors--I hope they were worth the knitting, now that they're done. (Did you pull a Joni and "hide" the ends for the photo shoot so you didn't have to weave them in yet?)

You should produce a monthly calender--pinup shots of different socks (you know, pr0n for socknitters) with The Shoes. I would totally buy one. lolz

The socks look great. Congrats on getting so many UFOs finished too, and I love love love those shoes.

Wow! You've made such great progress on your WIPs. And the Jaywalkers look great, too!

The socks look great. That's a lot of projects you finished up. Have fun starting swallowtail today!

Love the Jaywalkers. I'm so impressed with how much you got finished this month. You can now cast on with a clear conscience!!

The socks did turn out very well! I'm just thrilled to finally meet someone with at least as many UFO's as me. I don't even dare to list them!

If you make the calendar, you should call it "Sock Porn" and take the pictures as if they're "lounging" around, all risque...by the pool, next to a hottub, next to a martini, "curled up" by the fire (for December), laying on a fluffy white pillow...you get the picture. A sock calendar a la Hugh Heffner. :)

I love the way the yarn you used for these pooled. They're gorgeous!

Jaywalkers, yay! I just bought this yarn, too! I just love those colors!

Please email me. I would love to know where you got those shoes! They are awesome! So is your knitting!

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