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A Finished Object, a Contest, and a Vote


I have seen a bit of discussion on the blogs lately, about shoe choices with our hand knit socks.  I thought it would be fun to photograph my latest pair, with an assortment of options.  Some clearly work better than others.  So, I'm going to have a little vote.  In a comment, tell me which pair you like the best with the socks.  I'll do a random drawing of all of the people who vote, and the winner will get a fibery prize in the mail.  (It doesn't matter if the shoe you vote for wins.)  I'll post the contest winner, the top shoe, and the free pattern for the socks on Monday.

#1.  My Brown "Copenhagen" Shoes


#2.  DD#2's Floral Converse


#3.  Golf Shoes, Hmm, maybe those should be Clown Shoes


#4.  DD#2's Green Buckle Shoes


#5.  My Keenes


#6.  Green Crocs



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My vote is for the Copenhagen Shoes. The shade of brown sets off the colors beautifully!

I like them best with the Copenhagens. The socks show off very well with them. Although I do intend to wear my handknit socks quite a lot this fall with my crocs.

i vote for #4, the green buckle shoes. i'd actually wear that. haha. :)

Definitely prefer #1, but they go well with most of the other options too.

I like them with the floral Converse best. The others...eh, not so much.

Definitely the Converse! I love the dressed down look.

Not that I don't like the other shoes, you understand, I just prefer the socks with the converse. (I realized that may have sounded harsh, sorry!)

#2--But I have a soft spot for anything Converse. :) I even was married in a navy blue pair!

I'd definately go for the converse its so funky and cool looking.It adds a special touch :)

Something about the green in #4. DD#2's Green Buckle Shoes just screams at me. In a most delightful way. So those have my vote!

That's a tough decision! I kept changing my mind, but I'll say the floral Converse. The socks are very nice!

Ooh! #2 or #6! If I had to pick one, it would be #2, the floral converse. :)

Okay, I vote for #4, no question, though I must say I also ADORE shoes #1. And I'm in complete awe of your shoe collection....

Those are great socks! I think my favorite is the floral converse followed closely by a tie of the green buckles and the green crocs :-) That said, I think I covet all of your shoes! LOL!

I'm a birks and dansko gal myself...

The crocs! (Loved your photos!)

Green Crocs, all the way!

I like them best with the Keenes - looks so cool! I love all those pics, by the way!

Love the colours (and I don't usually like green!) Would probably opt for the converse or the Keenes as they allow the colour of the socks to shine without shouting their own colour at you.
But what they hey - where them all depending on the occasion!

oooh thats a tough one! it's a toss up between the first pair- the brown ones, and the fourth pair- i just love that green!!! but i am going to go for #1!
i love the socks too! :0) x

Converse or Keenes. I like them both a lot

Can't wait for that pattern. The colors look great. I love the converse, at first I thought it was too much but I keep being drawn back to it.

Floral Converse. Great whimsy!!

Lovely socks, btw :-)

The green Crocs are my vote, (but I will admit I have a little obsession with green and pink crocs, just sayin'). The socks look great no matter what shoes you choose!

I love them with the green buckle shoes! I might actually wear them that way.

I like the Copenhagen's best, and the crocs.

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