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What's a Girl to Do?


As if I didn't already have a thousand intended projects whispering to me from my stash.  What should arrive in the mail today?  The new Interweave, that's what!  This is almost more than I can take!  I've only thumbed through it, but I've already seen some great things.  I love the cover sweater, Equinox Yoke Pullover, a beautiful fair isle by Michele Rose Orne.


Then there's the Gatsby Girl Pullover, fitted cables and lace, by Jodi Green.


Coral Crossing, again a cabled pullover, this one with a graceful wide neckline, by Jennifer L. Appleby.  I think I would have to eliminate the pockets on this sweater.  I just can't afford the extra bulk at the midsection!


Saffron Cables, a cozy afghan by Kathy Zimmerman.


And of course, an issue of Interweave would not be complete without another must knit lace shaw.  This time it's the Swallowtail Shawl by talented lace designer, Evelyn A. Clark.  Good thing I have all of that beautiful lace weight yarn waiting for projects. . .


To top it all off, the brilliant, Eunny Jang has written what looks to be an article that I will refer to often, LACE, Shaping Your Garment.  Ahhhhhh. . .

To further my distractions, there are other intriguing things occupying my time and thoughts.  I am beta testing Sock Wizard for Mac this weekend.  This is my first time beta testing, and I am really excited about it.  I've already downloaded the program and am having a great time playing with it.  Get ready Mac users, we are going to have some great knitting software come our way in the not so distant future!  Yippee!

My sister came to visit yesterday.  We had a great time dyeing yarn.  I used some Knit Picks Color Your Own, and LJ used Dale of Norway, Baby Ull.  I didn't get a chance to snap any photos of hers, she had to leave as soon as her yarn came out of the dye pot, but it is very similar to my "Ocean" color way.  (That's because I grabbed the dye bottles she had mixed, they were just so pretty!)  We also had a visit from my friend Susan, who sat and knitted her sock, and kept us company.  It felt like a party! 




This one is self striping, in orange, brown, green and chartreuse.  I love me some garish color ways!  :)

Now, off I go, to read my Interweave!


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I really liked the current issue of Interweave, there are post-it's sticking up all over the place! I think the lace shawl may be the first project for me.

Love your dyed yarn, I'm afraid to start dyeing yarn, another obsession....

Wow! These are some gorgeous hand-dyed colorways! Do you and your sister ever hand-dye any yarn for sale? We could feature you as one of our upcoming "Yarn Porn" sites. :)

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