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Tall Decaf Skim Cappuccino

Yes, I give up, I will give them my six bucks.   (Plus three and change for the Cappuccino.)


I've gone to Starbucks to post.  :(


I just had to show you my first Baudelaire.  I finished it today.  Cookie has given us a great pattern again.  It was a fun knit, with clear instructions.  This was my first time knitting socks toe up and I had no problem following her instructions.  I also, really love the cast off she used. 

So here are shots of the sock in action.



And basking leisurely in the late afternoon sun.


My kids and I went to see a great band last night.  (We ignored the sign on the door that said "21 and over" - they drank Coke, I had a pinot noir.)  DD #2's keyboard teacher had a show.  The venue was perfect,  a very small, intimate "music hall"  (more like music room) on Allen just off of Houston, called Rockwood Music Hall.  The band, "The Midnight Show", was wonderful.  Joanna has been teaching my daughter keyboards for 5 or 6 months now, we had no idea how well she sings!  Go over and check out her band's web site.  You can even have a listen, or download a song if you like them.  We've been really blessed with the people we have met through our kids music school.  They are all talented musicians, who really care about the students they teach.  It is an amazing experience to take you child to see their instructors perform.


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Wow! Your sock is so beautiful! That pattern is on my to-be-attempted list. What yarn did you use?

What happened to DH installing a router? :) The sock looks great! I can't wait to start mine.

P.S. Chawne you should join our Baudelaire KAL :)

The sock is gorgeous, but the shoes! They're distracting. ;)

The yarn I used is Lang Jawoll.
DH hasn't arrived yet. He'll be here tonigt, then off to the Apple store to pick up a router!

That's it. I now MUST knit those socks. I love them! And they look perfect with those shoes!! How great!

I never knew how the whole wireless thing at Starbucks worked! You pay like you would at a hotel or something? Or do you go to the register? Wild! (I know. I'm so technologically savvy it's scary.)

Oh, that sock is great! Did you sister not get you hooked up?

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