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I Love These Socks!

The only words that are necessary are, "Thank you Cookie"!






Baudelaire from Knitty Summer 06.  Size large, without modifications for high instep.
Lang  Jawoll on US 1 Addi Turbos.

Thank you to DD #2 for being such a great foot model!




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Great socks! And OMG great shoes!!!

Wow, that was fast! I love them with those shoes! Such awesome shoes!

Ooohh, so pretty. Perfect with those cool shoes too!!

Congrats on a pair of beautiful socks!!

Love the socks AND the shoes!

Those are really beautiful photos! (and the socks, they are pretty fabulous too)

The shoes again! Seriously. Great. Great pair of Baudelaires too! Are you going to make another pair, or do you feel done with them?

Again with the great shoes!!! Where do you shoe shop? Really - you have the greatest shoes!!

LOVE those socks... I am going to have to cast on for those very soon! As soon as I finish off those sheep!

Such nice socks...Im doing my first sock right now, try to dothe pattern......
thanks for your greetings on my blog!!!
Hug, Fjellrosa in Norway

It's been said already, but fabu socks...and with those shoes? *clutches heart* Triple fabu!

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