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Field Trip

For 10+ weeks I have been on a yarn diet. All dieters cheat don't they, let's not mention my purchases in Sweden or the moment of weakness I had over at Scouts Swag. I will just say that for the past 2.5 months I have exercised more restraint than usual.  It was all in preparation for yesterday's Big Day Out with my sister.  I got up early and picked her up in NJ, to drive her to King of Prussia, PA for the Knitting and Crochet Guild's Annual Conference.

We hadn't pre-registered for any courses, our reason for the trip, the Market.  Ooh-la-la, we had fun.  With all of that yarn acquisition energy built up, I showed no restraint.  Listed here are my purchases, along with my plans for their future projects.

Anne, in a scrumptious wine, plum, navy and pumpkin colorway.  This will most likely become a pair of socks.


The most unbelievably gorgeous cashmere lace weight hand dyed by the very talented women at Just Our Yarn.  They had a lot of other beauties, but there was only so much cash in the coffers.  I'm thinking Kiri for this.


This amazing yarn is lace weight from Skaska Designs Limited.  It is destined to become a shawl from Folk Shawls. I've got two photo's of this one, from the top and from the side, just because it is so beautiful.



Some mill ends of Louet Pearl, it will become some fun stripey socks.  I like these colors together, and the price was right.


Below is some wool and mohair from Buckwheat Bridge Angoras, they have angora goats on their farm and dye all of their yarn using solar power.  I will make a lace shawl out of this yarn as well.


Suri Elegance for the Icarus Shawl.  This is the yarn and the colorway of the original pattern.  I'm not sure I've ever done that. . .


Trekking, for some fun socks.


We also picked up some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock for my mom.  My sister is going to teach her the magic loop, and get her started on a pair of socks.  My dad has been having health issues lately and she does a lot of knitting in hospitals and doctors waiting rooms.  My mom was supposed to join us yesterday, but dad was in the hospital again, so she stayed with him.  My sister and I are hoping to take her to Rhinebeck in the fall.  Keep your fingers crossed . . .

Now it's off, in 100 degree NYC heat.  DD 1&2 want me to take them to the Museum of Television and Radio today.  I think I'll take my Baudelaire along.


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What great stash finds! I am curious to see what the lacey green yarn becomes.

Sorry to hear about your dad; I hope he's up and around soon.

I'm completely jealous of your yarn haul! That Anne is yummy...

MAJOR yarn porn!!! I love that Schaeffer Anne - a friend of mine gifted me with a skein of it a little while ago and I adore it. I think mine is going to be a shawl or a stole - it just seems too pretty to put on my feet!!

What beautiful yarns to binge on - who could have resisted. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am very curious to see what the ball with the colors swirled on top looks like knitted up.

Lovely yarns, one and all. But I'm sad that they're not selling that delicious cashemere lace weight on line! Wah!

Oh. My. We must have the same taste in yarns, because I am just in love with everything you got!!! Especially the one that you have two photos of. So cool! Enjoy all your new yarny goodness. I will just sit here and envy you....... ;o)

*drool* those are some great yarn purchases!

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