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Back in New Jersey


I was out weeding today, the gardens really got out of control in the month we were away.  While pulling weeds from around the beets, a %*&! yellow jacket stung me.  Ouch.  So now I am sitting inside feeling sorry for myself.


Despite the weeds, these Turkscap Lilies managed to bloom.  I love the way their petals roll back.


I came home to some goodies.  Before I left, I ordered some Socks That Rock to give as gifts.  I will only be keeping one of these, but having them in the house, for even just a few days makes me happy.  It is beautiful yarn, the colors are so vivid, and the texture of the yarn, perfection.  I would love suggestions of patterns to make with my skein.  The Jaywalkers are an obvious choice, but I would love to hear other ideas. . .


Birch and I have reconciled.  It was never Birch's fault.  I tried so many needles, but none were right.


There were the Turbos, the needles that I do 95% of my knitting on.  They are lovely and smooth with great joins, but horrible, dull tips.  Awful for lace knitting.  (I'd rather put a tu-tu on an elephant than K2tog through back of loop with a pair of US 8 Turbos and Kidsilk Haze!)  I also tried Inox, good points, lousy join,  Addi Naturas, slightly better point than Turbos, but still too dull, and again, not a great join, Bryspun circulars, good points, bad join, along with the fact that these break easily.  I really don't enjoy knitting with straights, so I was in a pickle.  Where were the perfect needles, silky smooth like Addi Turbos, good points like the Bryspun, lovely smooth join, again like Turbos, and reasonably priced?  I must say, in my opinion, Knit Picks has done it!  I ordered some of their new Options needles, and they were waiting for me when I got home.  They are sharp, smooth and have great joins.  I'm sold. 


I know there have been many reviews on these needles, both positive and negative.  All I will say is that for this girl, they are what I have been looking for.  I have so much lace waiting to be knit.  These needles will make it so enjoyable.  I'll just be really sure to tighten up that screw.


I've started two new pairs of socks since my last post.  One is a pair I am designing, made with Trekking XXL.  So far I am happy with the pattern, and I love this color Trekking.


The other is a pair of 2x2 ribbed, knit in Koigu.  They are a birthday present for my Dear Old Dad.  He turned 77 on Saturday.  Happy Birthday Dad!  I have mentioned how much I love knitting for my dad before.  He is so appreciative of anything his daughters make for him.  He hasn't been well lately, so I'm hoping having a pair of hand knit socks will be very comforting for him.  I plan to put on some sort of skid proof soles, make them slipper socks.  Does anyone have any suggestions of good products for this?


He's got big feet, very wide.  I've never made such a big sock!  I have tried them on my 15 year old son with his wide, size 11.5 feet, and they fit him, so I guess they will be okay for dad.  If I can get the darling teenager to model the socks, I will post a photo when they are done.  I always think socks look better on the feet.  I guess if I bribe the boy with candy. . .

As I weeded earlier, I was serenaded by baby blue birds calling their parents to feed them.  I tried to catch a shot of the beautiful adult male, but he was camera shy.  Instead, here is the bird house.  The vine growing up the post is an invasive weed.  I'll need to pull it out once the babies move on.  Every year the local blue birds have two batches of babies in this house.  It has gotten a little worn over the years.  I doubt it will make it through the winter.  It'll be replaced, I'd miss those beauties too much.



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Oh that bad bad yellow jacket!!!! He had some nerve stinging someone as nice as you. Grrr. My DH was stung when he was little and his mom rushed him to the ER (I don't know why, he's not allergic or anything). I think she scarred him, because now he is TERRIFIED of yellow jackets. Screams like a girl. I always chase them away for him :) I'm not good with bugs either, but I can swat away yellow jackets.

Your father will love the socks; I'm sure they will make him feel better! Love your blog!

Sorry about the bee sting - OUCH! No fun at all. But hey, you have some gorgeous Socks that Rock to comfort you!! Have you chosen a pattern? I do love the Jaywalker pattern for showing off great handpainted yarn - the pattern doesn't distract from the colors and still adds a little interest to the knitting. Whatever you decide to do - the socks will be gorgeous in that yarn!!

I bought the Knitpicks set, I was so tired of not having the right needle size or length in the house. I find them pointy and the join nice, and I like the little holders that you can screw on to put your work aside.

Can't wait to see what pattern you pick.

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