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A Tiny Rant

Why is it harder for me to post from New York City than it was from Sweden!?!

The kids and I are staying at my MIL's apt. for a few weeks while the DS is in music camp.  The apartment has an ethernet connection which my Mac doesn't seem to like.  So the only computer that I have access to is her stone-aged Dell.  Oh, I could go over to Starbucks and pay for a painfully slow wireless connection.   But that just seems wrong!  I need my techie-guru sister Lisa to come visit me and get me hooked up!  I'd like to show off lovely pictures of my projects.  But I just don't want to upload my photos on the old Dell.  Who knows what that would do to it!?!

I'm having such fun with my projects.  I have three of them scattered about the apartment, on which I randomly knit depending on my mood.  There is the lace scarf/wrap thing I am knitting out of the yarn I bought in Stockholm, the beginnings of my Baudelaire, and the lovely mindless stockingette of Turbulence from Knitting Nature.  Turbulence served me well as I watched The Devil Wears Prada yesterday.  But alas, no photos.  :(

So pop over to the Wandering Knitter, and encourage Lisa to visit me in the City, we could shop for yarn, knit, drink wine and she could bring me back into the 21st century. . .


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I love that when we are away for even the shortest times we need SEVERAL projects with us to keep us in stitches depending on our moods! (I'm currently packing three projects plus a car project for a week with my folks.)

Alright, I can take a hint :) Buy a router and we will get the expert (aka James) to install it on Thursday. A good excuse to come in and see what the NYC yarn stores have to offer ;)

That is rather distrubing to me. Here just about every local coffee shop (i.e. not Starbucks) has free wireless Internet and some restaraunts too! The whole of downtown is open to wi-fi connections. You'd think there would be other options there. Crazy!

You must get this whole connection thing handled - because I want to see pictures of the Baudelaire socks!! I love that pattern!

Ypu have many beautiful pictures from my country.
And those socks are beautiful.

Hello! love your blog site...I am making the sunkist sweater..and a few other projects..I was just in NYC yesterday for a haircut and dinner with my daughter..hope you solve your internet problems so I can see the pictures...

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