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Still Loving My New Yarn!

I couldn't resist.  I was already working on a pair of socks for DD #2, progressing quite speedily, really.  Then my Dye-O-Rama yarn came.  It was too beautiful, I just had to cast on.  So that night, cast on I did!


I chose a very simple stitch pattern to show off the lovely yarn, did a pretty picot edge, and spent my non-knitting time, obsessing about how much I wanted to get back to knitting that sock.  Then a largish 14 year old boy with his biggish feet stepped on my WIP.  (Here I'd like to insert a picture of the offending 14-year old, just to show you how cute he is, but he'd kill me!)  Result:  a broken DPN.  So now, I am back to the DD#2, Nasturtium sock.  I must finish it because it is tying up my only two US 1 Addi Turbos.  I guess fate is trying to tell me to stop being so ADD and stick to a project!


The good news is, that I should be able to finish that second Nasturtium sock by the end of the weekend.  Then back to my beloved Dye-O-Rama yarn.  Thanks again pal.

I also received another distraction in the mail this week. 


It's the result of my moment of weakness over at Scout's Hand-painted Swag.  The yarn is one of Scout's Hurricane Sock Yarns, in color "Blue Roof (aka Bluetini)".  Isn't it pretty!

This weekend will be pretty hectic for my family and I.  The 14-year old graduated from middle school last night.  Along with another family, we are hosting a party for his classmates, where he and his band will perform.  DH and DS have been working hard to pull it all together to make it a great night for all.  They have been creating videos to show behind the band, mixes to play between sets, along with all of the usual details one attends to when planning a party for 60, 13 & 14 year olds.  DH even got black t-shirts that say "SECURITY" in bold white letters, for all of the chaperones.  In less than an hour, the band  will be here for a final rehearsal.  Hopefully, amid all of this madness I will get time to snap my  photo for the second Amazing Lace Challenge.  I have a fun idea, but it involves the kids and a bit of set up.  I'm not sure we will get the chance.  The deadline is tomorrow at midnight.

I leave you, as I often have in the past, with garden pictures.


Trumpet lilies.


A rose, from which, I have long ago lost the tag.  Sorry I can't tell you the cultivar name.  But, I will say, it does smell heavenly.


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The obvious solution is to learn to use the Magic Loop method, then you only need one needle per pair of socks :) Grats to my nephew, hope the party is as much fun as it sounds!

Wow, I love all the great summer-y yarn colors you've got going on! Pretty flowers too (to match the yarn?...ha ha!)

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