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This is what it looks like on my deck this morning.  Yesterday was pretty much the same.  We need the rain.  My well has been a little cranky, so I know the water table is low.  Hopefully the deluge of the last few days will help.

This weather however, is not conducive to taking lovely photos of finished socks. 




Despite my best efforts, with various backgrounds  and the back door wide open, it was tough to capture how beautifully this yarn knit up.  Trust me.  It's gorgeous.  The yarn is from my Dye-O-Rama buddy.  Jen  L. of Monkeyknits.  I used a simple stitch pattern, to let the vibrant colors do the real work.  Jen L. named the color "Lana del Mar", because the color reminds her of the ocean.  I guess with the water theme, it is appropriate that I finished them on such a rainy weekend. 

I am off on my summer vacation this week.  Today is the day where I choose which projects/yarns come with me.  Such a tough decision.  I've got a pile of sock yarn, each wanting to be the next pair.  Of course Birch will go, and probably Turbulence from Knitting Nature.  Since I will be in Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm, I'm sure there will be some yarn acquisition. . .must leave room in the suitcase for that!

Added later:
For those who are interested, the stitch pattern on the socks is:
Cast on multiple of 4
Round 1: *k3, sl1; repeat from * to end
Round 2: knit
Just those two rounds, easy.


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Sorry the weather wasn't cooperating with your photoshoot, but the socks look great! And I love the misty view off your deck. Enjoy your vacation - I am jealous of all the lovely places you'll be going! Can't wait to see photos!

we're getting ready to get more rain today, too. Lovely socks, tho! And have a great vacation - sounds wonderful and the possibilities for fiber aquisition sound good!!

Those socks came out beautifully. The slip stitch (?) pattern really helps to show off the colours.

Great socks! I'm always looking to find new stitch patterns that show off variegated yarn well. Now I feel like a total copycat - between these socks and your KSKS bag, I'm hooked!

Better than leaving room--pack a foldable bag in with your other luggage--fill that and the space left when you removed the bag, too!!!

The socks look great--I like the picot edge. Have a great vacation!

Lovely socks, I like the color and the pattern. When do I get to knit some socks, no time! ;o(

Great job on the socks! That stitch pattern looks perfect with the colors of the yarn. Again, I'm so happy that you enjoyed the yarn I dyed. It was such a fun swap, and I'm glad it gave me the chance to find your blog!

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