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Nasturtium Anklets Free Pattern


Last week my daughter asked me to knit a pair of anklets for her out of some yarn that I had dyed.  We started searching stitch pattern books, and she and I settled on a lovely chevron stripe pattern with lacy yarn overs.  As I started knitting this pattern, I realized that it closely resembled the talented Grumperina's, famous Jaywalker socks.  The difference in the pattern being the lacy effect of the yarn over increases.  I offer this pattern here, not to steal any of Grumperina's well deserved fame, but to offer a fun variation.  I am quite sure that my pattern is not nearly as well written as Grumperina's.  Hopefully, it is not so poorly written as to cause too much angst to the knitter!  If you find any errors, please let me know and I will happily correct them.  The pattern is in the sidebar.  Enjoy!


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Those are asome great summer socks!

good morning cozy. still knitting my first sock and can't wait to try something with a lace pattern. You may see me wearing one nasturtuium on one foot and one simple sock pattern on the other. hope your m & d are coping

Love. These. Another good sock for cycling! Must try them out! Thanks for sharing!!!

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