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Monkeyknits is Brilliant!

Look at this, just look, take it in, in all of it's yarny, gorgeousness!


That, my dear friends, is my yarn from my Dye-O-Rama buddy, Jen L of Monkeyknits.  Go over and tell her how great she is, go ahead, I'll wait. . . .

I never gave Jen any direction about color in this swap.  I felt a little guilty about that, but I also wanted her to have fun and "just have at it".  Boy, did I make the right decision.  This girl can really come up with some great colors when left to her own devices!  She dyed Louet's Gems Pearl, it's got the most beautiful twist, which really highlights the colors.

Would you like to see what else came in the package?   Okay.


There is of course the lovely yarn, but also enclosed was a sweet little "Cheeky Monkey" card, a tin of "Knitting Girl" mints and little stitch markers that match the yarn!  Do you see them there, tied onto the pink ribbon?  Here's a close up.  (Not too close, but it's the best my little Power Shot can do and keep the quality.)


I think I am the luckiest knitter in the world to get such a talented buddy.  She really got it right!  This was my first swap, and after this I may have to join them all!

Finally, just to show you how on target she was with colors I love, I learned to crochet yesterday, and made my first granny square.  It is a pretty pathetic granny square, but look how the colors I chose yesterday for the granny square, match the yarn I received from her today!  How'd she do that!?!



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Yay! I'm so happy that you're pleased with the yarn. I really had fun making it. I can't wait to see what you do with it. And I'm glad I found your blog through this swap... I'll be dropping by every once in a while to see what you're up to!

Oh what beauutiful yarn. I can't wait to see how it knits up:D

Wow, that's gorgeous! What a great gift!

Let's see, yarnshopping in Oslo.. Now I don't live in Oslo, but I know of "Mauds garn" (http://www.maudsgarn.no/) which I love... I tend to spend at lot of time just checking out the Opal-selection but I can never decide which skeins I want, I want ALL but I can't afford them!

FABU! Love the yarn, and I can't believe how it matches your granny square!

What fun :) It must have been very exciting to receive such beautiful yarn in the mail. She really chose the perfect colours for you!

Are you SURE you want to take up crochet? Isn't knitting addicting enough for you? :)

Nice job on the socks and I love all the colors!

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