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Japanese Craft Books! Yipee!

I finished the Nasturtium socks.  Now I can get back to the sock I'm knitting out of my Dye-O-Rama yarn.  The Nasturtium socks fit DD#2 pretty well.  She's got long thin feet, so the snug stitch pattern works pretty well on her.  I think I'll write this one up and post it as a free pattern.


The DH played golf on Fathers Day.  So my girls and I took a road trip.  We went to an area up by the George Washington Bridge,  that has a mall that is like a little Japan.  First we got some Udon for Lunch.  Then went to the Japanese grocery store, where they sell fish for sushi, and my daughters favorite, Pocky.  (Pocky are little bread sticks dipped in chocolate.)   Next we went to the dish store that has the most wonderful Japanese dishes.  I couldn't leave without these!


My favorite store on the trip, is always the Japanese book store.  I love to peruse the craft books.  Here are the ones that came home with me.


Two crochet books.  I know I just learned to crochet last week, but I couldn't resist.  Take a look at some of what's inside!


Crochet Cactus, what's a girl to do?


Charming little coin purses!


The "Lacework Mini-Doily" book is filled with pages like this.  I'm sure they are above my current abilities, but a girl can dream. . .

Then, inspired yet again by the Knit Sock Kit Swap.  I bought a couple of books with bag ideas.


For your viewing pleasure, here's a peek inside these.





Now I've got lots of ideas for my buddy's project bag. . .


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I love the nasturtium socks :) I might try that pattern myself. I'll probably need to adjust it a bit since my feet are the opposite of my niece's - short and wide.

Love the socks, love the dishes, love the books, love Pocky! (So does my daughter!) If I lived near that mall, I would be so broke! I bet your crochet skills will get up to speed pretty quickly. Thanks for a post full of lovely eye candy!

Oooh, such great stuff!!! Near the GW, huh? I'm gonna have to check that place out. That's some wonderful loot!!! I love anything Asian.

I almost can't handle all the fabu-losity! Socks are wonderful, and I'm jealous of the cool books and dishes!

i love your nasturtium socks! and your hand dyed yarn complements the pattern so nicely! and lucky you with those japanese bag books.....

Love your socks! I do hope you post a pattern as I like shorter socks and a challenge too!

Looks like you have great ideas for your bag! Good luck! :)

Socks are wonderful and I love those mini-doilies! What a find. Don't worry, you'll be cranking them out right and left very soon.

I love those socks. It's so nice to see shortie socks. :) I'll definitly be trying them!

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