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Crafty Day


What did I do today?  I had a day of creating. 
My tennis club is having it's Member-Guest event tomorrow, and I volunteered to do the flowers.  I love to arrange flowers.  These are just grocery store bouquets that I pulled apart and re-arranged.  I'm pretty happy with the results.

I've also been doing some sewing.  Those Japanese books that I showed-off a few days ago made me eager to start on my KSKS buddy's bag.  I had some old sweaters laying around that I had felted.  I cut them up and sewed them together, put on a little applique, added a lining, a handle and ta-da, a project bag.  I hope my buddy likes it!


Here's an action shot.  It seems to be a good size for my socks in progress.


Gotta run.  DH is calling me to go out to dinner.


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Very cute bag! Your KSKS buddy is lucky :)

P.S. I got the violet candies!

That is so cute and creative! If I don't have a pattern, I have no idea what to do. Speaking of...I still need to find one for my ksks pal... Any chance your mine? ;)

LOVE the bag! It came out looking just fabulous. You've got a very lucky pal!!

The flower arrangements are beautiful. And the bag--well, the bag is amazing. You're so good!

What a cute bag! Your pal will love it. And the flowers look great. A day of crafting, then out to dinner - does it get any better than that?

The flowers look great and if your pal doesn't care for the bag, I would be most happy to give it a good home! I love it :-)

That bag is super cute! The flowers are quite pretty as well.

ADORABLE! I love it!!! Totally Sweet!

I love the bag! Am I your pal? ;-)

Cool bag! I really like the colors and the applique. Congrats!

I love the bag! I'm so impressed, and I'm sure your pal will be too. I may have to try something like that for me. You make it sound so easy, but I'm not sure how great I am at sewing.

Your bag is AWESOME!
I love it!!
-A fellow kitter

Wow, nice job, are you my pal?? That should be one bag that gets used a lot! Great job!

Both flowers and bag are fabulous! What a happy pal you shall have.

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