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Tip Toe Through the Tulips

Flip-Flop Socks in action. . .




Now, it's time to get back to Pomatomus. I must finish some of those WIPs.

My new resolution is to go on a yarn diet. I have such a huge stash, and it is time to make a dent in it. So, I will not buy any new yarn until I go to the TKGA Conference in July. That will mean not checking to see what's new on Elann every day, and on my frequent trips to NYC, avoiding my favorite yarn stores, oh and this one and this one too.

Today was the day that I was going to dye my Dye-o-rama yarn. Unfortunatly, it's looking a little overcast, and I don't want to risk having the rain start while I'm outside dying. My DH wants to take me out for a little Mother's Day round of golf, so I guess I should humor him and golf in the rain today. The yarn dying will have to wait until the next sunny day. I just can't wait to try out those acid dyes I got in the mail this week. If any of my knitting group pals want to join my for some dying fun, just give me a call. . . Lynn, you know you want to. . .

Happy Mothers Day to all.


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Adorable! And that's a great pedicure, too!!

Oh my gosh, they're sooooo cute! I'm starting mine immediately!

P.S. Nice pedicure :)

I'm in for the dyeing... cute toesies, btw. Your blog is my latest bad habit; but as my bad habits go, it's not so bad.

Those are the greatest flip flop socks ever! I must go make a pair right now.

What fun are these flip-flop socks! And an easy way to use up your yarn stash (with your stash you could supply all of Mendham with flippy's). I dyed the remaining sock yarn and am anxiously watching for the UPS truck to deliver my needles so I can start my first socks(maybe I should say sock as I may only complete one at my pace)!

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