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The Joy of Giving!


On Saturday I sent a package to my Dye-O-Rama buddy, Kristi aka Fiber Fool. Thanks to speedy mail, she got it yesterday (Monday!) This was my first swap. It was such a great feeling to get her reaction. She was so enthusiastic and gracious. It got me thinking about the old saying, that it is "better to give than to receive". Knitting has allowed me to experience this first hand. I have felt it through this swap, through the successes of people who I have taught to knit, or helped to learn a new technique, and through giving people my hand knits as gifts.


My favorite recipient of my hand knits is my father. There has never been a more appreciative person to knit for. I have knit two vests for him. Whenever I visit my parents, he is wearing one of them. He smiles proudly when he talks about his daughters' accomplishments, whether it is my simple knitted gifts, or my sister's PhD. I will continue to knit gifts for him, and because I have his gratitude, I will be encouraged to kit for others as well. Thank you Dad. For the confidence you give me, and through that, the fearlessness to try new things.



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Aren't swaps the coolest!!!! Stash enhancement at its finest. When the packages arrive....the anticipation is like Christmas morning when we were kids.

I've had a blast doing the shopping for the swaps I've been involved in so far. Are you by chance an August baby? Abigail is running an August birthday swap that promises to be quite fun!

Just stumbled on your blog and thought I would say hi. What a great dad! I love that he is proud of your knitting. He sounds pretty great.

Your dad looks great in his two vests. Isn't it wonderful to have someone who really appreciates your work?

Your dad looks handsome in his vests. Nothing like an appreciative recipient. Love the yarn, too!

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