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My Knitting Space

Scout, one of the awesome Dye-O-Rama Mammas, asked people to post photos of their knitting area. So, for better or worse, here is mine.


I most often knit in a small sunroom just off the kitchen. It's a 10x10 space with sliding glass doors on two walls that let in great light. It has always been the clutter room. If you don't know where to put something, just dump it in the sunroom. A few months ago, I decided to reclaim it to be my studio. I dragged in a hodge podge of forgotten furniture. There is the old living room couch, which is too formal for the sunroom, but is quite comfy. It lost it's spot in the living room, when my son's musical gear took over that room. I also have an old blanket chest that used to hold all of the kids videos. They have long since out grown the videos, so I got rid of them, and filled the chest with yarn. Yipee! On the side of the room I didn't photograph, I have a table, that used to be our kitchen table, when our family was smaller. It now serves as my desk. It is piled with mail and has my swift and ball winder always at the ready. The room suits me well, I am near to my family as they flit through the rest of the house. The kitchen and laundry room are nearby so I can make believe I'm actually getting house work done. (Really, all I'm doing is knitting!) I usually listen to podcasts or music from my laptop, as I knit.

The best part of the room is my little buddy who keeps me company. His name is Smudge, and he is the sweetest little dwarf rabbit. He hops around the room, periodically sniffing my ankles, which really tickles! He doesn't sit still very well to have his picture taken.


Currently the wips all seem to be sips. I need to get off this sock knitting binge. I've got so many other projects waiting in the wings. . .


To all of you in the US, have a wonderful Memorial Day! To everyone else, have a great weekend.


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What a lovely space!!!! And what a sweet rabbit. Thanks for stopping by - I'm bookmarking you and now I'm off to catch up on your blog!!

What a cozy little knitting area you have. I seem to be pretty sock obsessed myself. I took a class to learn two socks on one circular needle and I find that I like knitting socks that way.

The bunny is adorable.


That looks like a great knitting space! And what an adorable bunny too!

What a great knitting space! I have a small balcony 8x8 and it is a clutter zone but it would be a lovely knitting space. Oh, and bunny is so sweet.

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