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I Love Sunny Fridays!

This is what I did this afternoon. . .

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Perfect to cast on for those fun flip-flop socks that I mentioned in yesterday's post. I sat by the pool, poured myself a lovely weiss beer, and started knitting. These are a really quick knit. I'll have to go for a pedicure tomorrow morning so I can take some pretty pictures of the finished socks.

Then, to make the afternoon more perfect, the UPS man showed up. He brought two packages, one from Dharma Trading, full of acid dyes for my dye-o-rama project. The other, from Cafe Press with an undisclosed gift for my dye-o-rama buddy.


In other news, my sister has started a blog. Yipee! She is the one I have mentioned several times in this blog. She is funny, smart and talented, so go check her out. She is the Wandering Knitter. My sister, LJ, is the family computer guru. She was on the web 20 years before most of us even knew it existed. I rembember going to visit her in college in the mid-seventies and having her show me text based RPG's. I couldn't believe how cool they were. This was at a time when Atari was high-tech. She's an avid sock knitter, so she'll be joining me in the Pomatomus KAL.

Finally, I'll leave you with a garden photo. Thanks for putting up with my plant photos. I think there is a close connection with gardens and knitting. They are both about form, color and texture. The picture is of an ornamental rubarb. I know, most people don't think of rubarb as an ornamental plant, and they either love or hate the pie. (Me, I love it!) This plant is really cool though. It has enormous, serrated leaves. They measure at least 18" across! In mid summer the plant puts up a huge scape of bright red. I imagine I will be posting a photo of that too in July! I love the way this rubarb plant is such dramatic a focal point in the garden.



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Looks like a perfect afternoon! I love rhubarb, too. My dad likes the pie "straight up"--no strawberries to mess with the tartness!

Thanks for the mention :) It will be hard to compete with you, your posts are always so imaginative.

I'll expect some pie from that plant when I get home in June! There is some debate whether apple or rhubarb is the "official" pie of our family. I'm not sure whether the issue will ever be settled :)

Invite me over! That looked like a perfect Friday. Some liquor, a pool, the sun, and a new project on the needles. Fabulous idea! (I wasn't a huge fan of the rhubarb, but I am beginning to appreciate the sticky toffee pudding).

:) wow, look at all those dyes!
Thanks for popping by my blog! I've yet to start my dye-o-rama dying as i'm still waiting on my yarn order! eep!

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