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Fun With Acid Dyes!

I finally got to try out the acid dyes I got last week. What fun I had!
The colors are a little brighter than I would choose in the future, but I wanted to get a handle on what some of the colors were like straight from the pot. In the future I will do a lot more mixing. Here are the results.


This color I am calling "Aquilegia", after some beautiful Columbines I have blooming in my garden right now.


This yarn is "Siberian Iris" named after one of my favorite flowers. It's not blooming yet, but will in a few weeks.

I spent this morning doing some more dying, so there will probably be more photos tomorrow of today's experiments. I should be sending out my Dye-o-rama buddy's yarn in the next few days, once I get the perfect color.

In other news, I decided to frog Pomatomus. The yarn I was using was just too fine. I tried it on after I'd turned the heel and couldn't get it over my instep. I also didn't like the way the pattern was stretching . I've got some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock waiting to be cast on for Pomatomus. I think the LL will work better. The yarn I was using will have to become some lace. I think it is just too fine for socks. It's a disappointment because I thought it would be similar to Koigu in weight and look. The yarn in question is on the right and in the middle in the photo below.


The other things that I have on the needles that I haven't mentioned, are a pair of socks from some of the cashmere I got on eBay last week. They are a simple 1x3 rib, and are oh-so-soft! They will be very cozy next winter.


And a little summer top knit in Rosetta from Artfibers, that I picked up in San Fransisco in February. Rosetta is a handpainted 100% cotton ribbon yarn that knits to a gauge of 18s=4". The color in the photo doesn't do the actual color justice. It is a beautiful plum with muted burgundy and soft lilac. The colors blend really nicely, it is not at all stark and stripey as in the photo.


I'll leave you with a photo of the delicious confection that one of my daughters whipped up for me on Mothers Day. She likes to get in the kitchen and make things up as she goes along. This one was quite a treat, chocolatey-strawberry goodness.



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Wow - love the yarn you dyed - what seller did you get the cashmere from? - and the dessert looks so delish!! Yay for daughters who like to cook! I'm grooming one of those myself. heh

Wow! That Aquilegia colorway is stunning! I love the brightness of the colors. Very nice!

Both of the colorways are just beautiful! And, um, my mouth is watering over that yumster!

Ooh! I hope you're my Dye-O-Rama pal!

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