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Fond Memories

On Friday, I visited my parents. I try to do this at least once a week. They may be moving soon, and I want to spend as much time with them as I can before they do.

My mother took me up into the attic, to get me to take home some items that she has been storing for me for the past 20+ years. In one of the boxes were some old high school photos. They were fun to look at since my son will be entering high school next year. Ah, the memories. The biggest thrill though, was finding something I thought must have been thrown out years ago.

My Panasonic Toot-a-loop radio!


It was quite a day when I got my Toot-a-loop in the mid-seventies. I saved up babysitting money for it. It traveled with me to the Jersey Shore, where I layed on the beach and listened to WABC radio. That was the station around here in those days. No one listened to FM then, there wasn't even an FM dial on this radio. I remember all of those pop hits blaring out at me as I soaked up the rays, The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, Billy Don't Be A Hero, My Name is Mikey, I've Got a Nickle. I brought it home to show my kids, who asked, "Is this like the ipod of the seventies?". Yeah, I guess it is. We put a battery in it, and it still works! The AM reception around here is pretty bad. I'll have to take it into NYC or to the shore, and give it a try there.

Also in my mom's attic were some boxes of yarn. In the late seventies, she got really into making Icelandic sweaters. One year she made three between Thanksgiving and Christmas, to give to my sisters and I as gifts! There were two large shopping bags full of Lopi that she gave to me. I have put myself on a yarn diet, but I think when your mother gives you yarn, you've gotta take it. Right? The Lopi is just too bulky and itchy for me to make any sweaters out of, so I guess I have some felting projects in my future!


Hey LJ, when you are here this summer, you can take some of this pile!

Today has been a funky day weatherwise. One minute it's sunny and glorious, and the next it's pouring. With weather like that what's a girl to do? Sit in her sunroom and knit of course! I listened to the witty ladies at Knitty d & the City and finished up a pair of "fraternal twin" socks. I love the idea of "fraternal twin" socks. They are quite simply, lighthearted and fun! These are knit from two different colors of Art Yarns Ultramerino 4. I didn't have enough of either color for a full pair of socks, so I just randomly striped them. They are lovely and soft. I am very pleased with them. The only issue is that everytime I knit socks from yarn that doesn't have that all-important nylon content, I tend to get holes in them pretty quickly. (I know, I know, but I can't be bothered with knitting in re-enforcements on the heels and soles.) We have brick floors in our kitchen and sunroom, which is pretty tough on socks.


I'm calling them my "Hill Socks" because their colors are exactly like the hills and sky I have the pleasure of viewing off of my deck. Yes, this is New Jersey, and yes, most of the state is quite beautiful!


Finally, I leave you with a few more garden pictures. I just love the colors and textures out there right now, and can't resist taking pictures!


These are Aquiligia, or Columbine. I'm not sure of the variety. They are some relation to Aquiligia, "Nora Barlow". I grew them from seed years ago, and they have spread politely around the garden. They are tiny flowers. If you'd like a better look at them click on the photo.


And of course, Poppies, lovely Poppies!


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The socks are fantastic, and frankly, New Jersey never looked so good!

Thanks for your comments!


Oh - I remember those radios! How fun to find it and have it still work!

All your photos are lovely. I am quite jealous of the view off your deck. It is beautiful! The socks are well named - the colors match that view perfectly.

I grew up in New Jersey, in a beautiful rural area. How nice to see some green pictures of the state at its peak!

ok. i am from the east coast and i have never seen THAT new jersey! beautiful!

OMG... I live at the shore and think I have a great view... but YOUR VIEW is to DIE for!!! Heaven!!

PS: Did I tell you I got that tshirt?? One for me and one for my sister. She writes a blog for Club Mom and just went "live" there on June 2. It's her "blogwarming" present!! Thanks so much for the link!!

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