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Amazing Lace Challenge

Warning: This post is not for the faint of heart. It contains:

Heavy Machinery
Sharp Pointy Sticks
Dirty Laundry
A Double Bass
Drivers (two kinds)
A Hoe (you decide which kind)
Angry Tennis Players
My Legs (ahhhhhhh!)
And Lots and Lots of yarn. . . .

Now, if you are still with me, let's meet the Team!

This is Kirsten and Birch. After grueling contract negotiations, and a bit of a roving eye, they have agreed to work together toward the common goal of finishing the Amazing Lace. They have both agreed that Rowan Kidsilk Haze will join them as the yarn.


Kirsten has admired Birch for quite a while. In her wanderings around Blogland, she has drooled over the finished Birches of many talented knitters. Not that she didn't consider other projects.


But she always knew it would be Birch.


They plan to travel together this summer.
To places far,


And near.



Distractions will abound,
Other projects will call out to Kirsten,


Dirty dishes will pile up,


The laundry will reach epic proportions.


The lure of the dye pot could draw her away from Birch,


Her kid's music lessons and performances will need her attention.


But Birch is a strong project, it will call her back. It will urge her to knit where other knitters fear to knit.

In traffic,


At the local watering hole,


While operating heavy machinery,
(Don't try this at home.)


On the golf course,


In the garden,


And on the tennis court.


(Some of these locales will be more successful than others.)

Most importantly, Kirsten and Birch will have strong group support.


They are looking forward to the challenge, and to sharing their travels, successes and failures, with the other particpants of the Amazing Lace!


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Wonderful! Your collection of photos is delightfully creative.

Good luck with Birch!

I enjoyed your post. It's quite clever. Thanks for your comment on my blog. To answer your question, yes, Jazz-Purr is a Devon Rex. Isn't he just the cutest? Your Cornish Rex must have been absolutely wonderful! Rex's seem to have such great personalities.

What a creative sister I have :) I laughed my a** off at this latest post!

The Apple Shawl looks forward to meeting Birch in a few weeks when Apple takes her second trip across the Atlantic.

Brilliant post. I loved it! Good luck with your team!

Great introduction! Just be careful with that heavy machinery this summer!

I love your intro--very clever. Good luck to you and Birch :)

Really great post! Good luck with Birch. You'll love knitting her. And the bones is it goes faster the farther along you get.

Hysterical, fabulous post. I considered taking my yarn around town a bit, but I wouldn't have achieved nearly the breadth of yours! I thought about putting it on the tennis court, but I don't _actually_ play tennis. Your post has all the credibility mine would have lacked! Can't wait to watch the progress :)

Hehehehe, great intro. Safe travels to you and Birch!

I have to ask, is that the view from your back porch? I am envious.

Great intro!

WooHOOOOO!! Congratulations you Finalist you!!!

Really cute intro! Congrats on being a finalist. And good luck with Birch. It's so much fun, you'll be tempted to make another :)

How did you get into my house and photograph my dishes and laundry? And what agent/spy let you post them in your intro, giving you finalist advantage? I see that Team Sunset 8 will need to be ever viligant when competing with a team as canny as yours ;}. Good luck!

Oh. my. god. Do you really do all that activity? This post makes me want to go for a run or something. Surely a good lie down would cure this..
Congratulations on being a finalist in the amazing lace, good luck.

Your entry was my favorite! I think it is because I can totally relate to the whole heaps of dishes/laundry thing! Very clever!

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